Sunday, September 25, 2016

Herbal Passion with Hannah!

Okay, folks! Charleston Treasures has not done this type of review for such a long time but, trust me, it's time! I discovered Hannah at the Tuesday monthly meeting of the South Carolina Herbal Society. Click on the link to visit their facebook page if you are interested in learning more about the group! (It's fantastic, by the way)

Hannah Weber, Owner

Hannah Weber is the owner and creative genius behind Herbal Passion located on Savannah Highway. It's a tiny nook that holds more treasures than you can possibly deal with in just one visit! I was overwhelmed from the moment I walked in and can't wait to return.

The shop sells interesting tea blends, fresh herbs and spices and Hannah is so very knowledgeable about all of it! We spent some time talking about teas for sleep and extra energy. I found myself wanting to take a sample of everything home...

I share this interesting spot because as with all things in my life~ places, people and shops get introduced to me at exactly the time in which I need the information. As my work with private clients changes and expands, being able to share with people resources like Hannah and her herbs, spices and teas is really valuable!  

Herbal teas, herbs and spices can bring so much healing into our lives! I am just beginning to tip my toe into this pond of healing but am learning as I go. I am so grateful to have come across this darling little piece of Charleston and really want you to be in on the space. If you are interested in learning more, stop by Hannah's shop on Savannah Highway or visit her Facebook page: Herbal Passion. She also has some great workshops coming up that I'm pretty sure some of you won't want to miss...

Last, I have been gradually adding to my home library and have found these books on herbs to be quite interesting...

So, there you go! A little bit of healing Charleston to brighten up your Sunday morning. Don't forget to stop by The Healing House with Lisa Facebook page and "like" it to be entered into our drawing for the "Make Your Own Rules" cookbook by Tara Stiles. Drawing is tomorrow morning and one lucky winner will be receiving a free copy!

I hope you are all gearing up for an amazing fall! Just some FYI, The Healing House is offering a Fall Combo Package that includes an Intuitive Health Scan and two 45 min. follow-up sessions for $222.00. Contact The Healing House if you are interested in scheduling! Our new prices will begin as of November 1st.

Blessings xo~

Lisa Renée

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Earth Energy Remains......

Good Morning and welcome to a beautiful Tuesday!

Yesterday, I put my youngest son back on a plane to Boston and this morning, I am still missing him. Just knowing his energy was in the house was such a comfort! We have so many different emotions still coursing through our home and filling our days that the simple joy of having a family dinner and listening to the commotion of my beautiful boys playing games and loving each other brought so much happiness.

This blog, this writing space, also brings great happiness to me. It has been a source of creation for several years now. It has also been a definite way for me to analyze myself and my life! This morning is no different. Life has been slow and feeling a bit unfocused the past few weeks as we have been recovering from the loss of our baby boy but today feels energetic! Almost magnetic and the positive energy flow that we so enjoy is returning. Yeah!!

I was guided to share with you a very interesting story from my past. We all have our unique talents and gifts from the Creator. For me, one of these gifts is the ability to pick up on energies of the past, present and future. I, however, did not even fully realize the enormity of this gift until a few years ago. I share this story with you this morning in the hopes that you will keep in mind that positive and negative energy remains long after the actual moment or experience is complete...


             It was the start of spring break week in 2012 and my husband and I put our youngest child on a bus to tour Washington, DC. Our older five kids had plans. I had been drawn to an intriguing deal on a social media site for three nights at a horse ranch in Southern Georgia. Backwoods, Georgia.  Keep in mind, I am a lover of electricity, cute sandals, nice hotels, great restaurants. Roughing it is not usually my idea of a good time. So when I suggested this trip to my husband, he looked at me questioningly but agreed.
This truly seemed like a great idea at the time. Yes, it was random but a few days of hiking, horse-back riding and relaxing sounded great. A few more days in St. Augustine, FL would finish off our vacation. My husband was still shaking his head a bit as we packed the car wondering why a horse ranch? To be honest, I really didn’t know myself maybe it was just time for something different.
The drive to the ranch was uneventful but we were both tired after such an early morning and then long car ride. We checked into our tiny cottage at the edge of the ranch. We completed our first horse-back riding trail, showered, changed and headed into the little town for dinner. There was nothing unusual or exceptional about this small town. It was very nondescript. But, the events that followed our dinner have left an indelible mark on my life. I was forever changed. I could never return to who I once was.
We snuggled into the bed in this darling cabin and within minutes my husband was snoring. We had been up since before dawn getting our son on the bus and our drive and first ride through the woods had done him in. About that time, I sat straight up in the tiny double bed. I had heard something. Seen something? Someone in the dark? Slowly, it all came into focus. I appeared to be watching a movie. Witnessing a scene, a moment, actually. Not on the television. In my head. It was a murder. Grisly. Detailed. At the time, it was a blur but the following day, the details came into focus bringing some clarity. It almost felt like I was dreaming except that I was wide awake!
There was a slave couple in a bedroom. The man lying on the bed, fully clothed. Dark pants and a heavy cotton shirt with long sleeves. The woman was standing beside a piece of rough furniture. She had large skirts that appeared faded and tattered. A large, white man in dark pants and a white shirt enters the room with an ax. He is yelling. The woman begins screaming and the man on the bed squirms to get his feet on the floor. The quilt on the bed is quickly covered by the slave man’s blood as the ax holder continues to swing. The slave woman with her hair tied in a kerchief continues to stand in front of the dresser and scream. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
That was the vision. It lasted about 20 seconds and I could not turn it off. I simply couldn’t stop the vision. My first thought was that I was experiencing a premonition. Was my life in danger? Did I need to hide? Run? Flee? In that moment, I simply didn’t understand. Nor did I grasp the details of this vision. Slave time. Hand created furniture. Ax. Plantation owner. I didn’t take note of the process going on in my head or the time period or the details. I simply knew that I was scared beyond belief. I could see it when my eyes were closed and it didn’t stop when I opened my eyes.
I turned on lights but the vision wouldn’t disappear. It was a loop. It continued to repeat in my head over and over again. I woke my husband and said “I am watching a movie in my head and it won’t stop. We need to leave!” He looked at me with blurry eyes and in that moment I could see him trying to decide whether to laugh, complain about being woke up or roll over and go back to sleep.“We are eleven miles from civilization. Down several, long, dirt roads. No street lights. There is no way in hell that we are packing up and leaving here at 2 am. We can leave in the morning if we want to lose the rest of our package.” He promptly rolled over and went back to sleep. I was on my own and completely scared out of my mind. 
In the meantime, I turned on every light in the tiny cabin, cranked up the television to block out the sound and hoped and prayed for daylight. As soon as the sun began to rise, the vision stopped. Dawn. I hadn’t slept at all. I packed the car, repacked the cooler, showered and was dressed. Without the vision, some of my fear subsided but I was still adamant about leaving. He humored me. We ditched the remaining nights of our package and headed south for St. Augustine. Even though I felt like we were leaving it behind, part of me knew that it was just beginning.
At this time in my life, I had no idea about a “third eye” or it’s awakening. I did not believe in past lives or spirits or visions. I had no knowledge of the chakra system or kundalini or how spirits might try to communicate with the living. I was barely religious. I believed in God, Source, but only to the point of understanding that some force bigger than I created Earth and our universe. That was it. I was probably the least spiritual person I knew.
I wanted to control my life, my destiny and basically, everything and everyone around me. I didn’t like surprises and left little to chance. I was a classically trained pianist and music teacher! I was also a mother to our six kids. They were my life. Believe me when I say my life was full and busy and tiring and I certainly didn’t have time for the supernatural!
This was the beginning- the start of a new way of living. I truly had never thought about energy or how it could be so strong that scenes from the past could be brought back to life through visual broadcasts. That moment in time had left indelible marks upon the universe and those marks hadn’t faded. Even after the long passing of time, that scene was still visible. Well, visible to an awakened third eye able to perceive past events of strong energetic nature.
From this point on, this became my new “normal”. I could bear witness to past events depending upon how strong the energetic reactions had been for all involved. I have “seen” wars, murders, lover’s quarrels, parades, births, deaths…. The energy remains here on this physical Earth and all things appear to be happening simultaneously. But, we as humans with our physical eyes don’t see the other events occurring.
                                           ~excerpt from "Finding My Faith"


I share this story with you to remind you that ALL actions, thoughts, experiences truly do remain part of the energetic body of the Earth. For many, this concept is difficult to grasp but if we live each moment in love, it is love that remains and can be felt for years to come! If we live in hatred or anger or pain, then, that is the energy that is left behind like a living, breathing animal. Unfortunately, those angry and hate filled moments are energetically strong and quite simple for empathetic people to pick up on even if the event happened years ago!

The moral of the story today is LOVE! Love all humans, all animals and even, all situations! Find the good and search out the positive. Believe me, I am in my own hurricane of emotions right now searching for the good, the positive and the love! I hope this little story reminds you to allow LOVE to be a part of your every day experience~ nothing is better!

If you are interesting in learning more about my story and how I work with clients, visit The Healing House with Lisa

Have a beautiful and blessed day~

Friday, September 16, 2016

It's Friday and Angels ARE Among Us!

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

What a week, right? The energy of this past week has been quite profound and certainly trying. We are all in a swirling mass of energy that seems to be propelling us forward...

I awoke early not by choice but by cat. He (Gatsby) sits on the floor beside my head and mews incessantly until my feet hit the floor and I head to the kitchen to offer him his morning bowl of kibble. It is a great alarm except that it goes off nearly every morning at 4:30 AM! Ugh! However, in these early mornings, I am usually offered a great deal of insight, healing and knowledge. Today, was no different except that I was guided to share another story from my book Finding My Faith. This time, a happy, joyful, almost unbelievable, here goes:

In July of 2013, my husband and I had recently returned from a very exciting week in Rome, Italy. We had looked forward to this trip for quite some time and couldn't wait to immerse ourselves in the Italian culture. It was a fantastic trip full of new experiences, learning, eating and sight seeing.

A few weeks after we returned, we decided to spend an afternoon walking and eating downtown. We shared a good meal at Olde Town Grill and Seafood and then ended the afternoon with a long walk on Sullivan's Island. This picture will forever stick with me as the "before the wreck" photo.
Sullivan's Island, July 2013
Heading home and making our way through the familiar Charleston streets, we were continuing to talk about our Italy adventures when, pulling through a stop light, we tried to change lanes and made immediate contact with a scooter. It had come out of nowhere on my husband's left side...a blind spot. As we turned the corner of Cannon St. and Coming St, the scooter collided with our driver's side door and the scooter driver bounced off of our door and into the intersection. We were completely stunned. It was as if he had come out of nowhere!

I repeated "I am not getting out of this car. I am not getting out of this car." I fully expected him to be lying in a puddle of blood and I was SCARED. This was bad. The driver was sprawled in the middle of the cross streets, directly under the traffic light. People began to assemble on the four corners of the intersection and before I knew what was happening, I felt a huge push from behind me and a voice saying "Get out of this car, now!" Phone in hand, I dialed 911 and walked to the man in the middle of the street.

He was holding his ribs and blood was dripping from a gash in the side of his temple. He was covered in tattoos including his neck, both arms, legs and even his fingers. Nothing left untatted. I approached him unsure of what to do next and the man who had come to stand near the injured man's head simply said to me, "Don't touch his body but hold unto his hands and try to keep him still." He encouraged me to speak softly, ask him his name, find out how old he was and just keep him talking until the paramedics arrived.

During this time, I was speaking to the 911 operator in one hand and sharing his age, name and other bits he offered while holding his other hand to keep him still. He was desperately trying to take deep breaths but kept repeating that his ribs must be broken. Never have I experienced someone in so much agony. A woman from the crowds on the corner ran into the street to hand me a bag of ice and a roll of paper towels. The man standing with me continued to try to help as well..."Don't try to move him and don't allow him to try to get up. Talk  to him and ask him where he is from..."

It ended up that he was a veteran and needed to be seen at the VA and I shared this with the paramedics as they arrived. He was also extremely concerned because he couldn't find his cell phone. I located it in the road and helped him get it into his pocket. At this point, he had a pair of shorts, a tank top and one flipflop on~the other shoe was in the road somewhere. Blood continued to seep from the gash in his temple and the other man at the scene continued to talk me through how to keep him calm until help arrived.

During this time, my husband was pacing near the car in shock. He was so paralyzed with fear from the knowing that he nearly killed someone that he couldn't function, wasn't speaking and was frozen except to pace four steps forward and four steps back. Within four minutes, the ambulance arrived, the police came on scene and began speaking to my husband and the paramedics began immediately taking vitals and getting this poor man on a stretcher.

Never had I been so relieved to hear sirens or see those blinking lights. Very quickly the scene was cleared. The moped was moved to the side of the road, the ambulance took off for the hospital with the patient and before we knew, it was my husband and I heading quietly to our car which was slightly dented on the driver's side door where the moped had collided with it.

We were both grateful that neither of us were harmed and it appeared as though the moped driver would survive although his bike would not. As we made our way down the street towards our car, I turned to my husband and stated that I couldn't believe that people had gathered on all four corners of the intersection but no one came forward to help me except that one man. It had been a daunting four and a half minutes as together we tried to calm the young man. My husband turned to me in that moment and said, "Lisa, there was no one in that road but you and the moped driver."...

It was in that exact moment that I recalled a brief conversation I had recently had with my mentor. She had prepped me by stating that she truly felt that angels would be entering my life and a real-life encounter was eminent. My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest as I looked to my husband who was waiting for my response. I realized that, indeed, the "man" in the intersection was an angel guiding me and offering me tips to help this injured man. 

We sat in our car on Coming Street and marveled at the events that had occurred in the past 40 minutes. We were stunned and grateful and believing.  Archangel Michael has continued to appear to me in times of extreme stress or danger offering comfort, strength and confidence. This was the beginning of my interactions with angels...

Never doubt that angels are working among us. Sometimes, I believe, that they take the shape (almost) of humans simply so that they can offer help without freaking out the humans involved! I have to admit, afterwards, I freaked out. And, then, I didn't. I was filled with gratitude that I was able to help this man and calm him in such an awful moment. He actually spent four days in ICU and another three days in the hospital recovering. He had broken ribs, a concussion, a ruptured kidney and several other minor injuries. We did try to reach out but were not permitted to see him. Interestingly enough, we also never heard from our insurance company and we decided not to pursue it. We believe, now, that the entire experience occurred simply so that I could fully engage with the angel realm.

This is one of the first actual angel encounters that I share in my book "Finding My Faith" and I hope you enjoyed reading about the experience! Life is short and angels are definitely among us!  

Have a fabulous week-end and enjoy your time off! If you are interested in learning more about my work and my practice, visit my website The Healing House with Lisa.

Be sure to check back tomorrow as I will be offering a review on a great new, small business in the area!


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Give-away and Lazy Lentil Soup!

Welcome back and Happy Rainy Wednesday!! Our Charleston weather is not so hot today. However, this cookbook by Tara Stiles is definitely lifting my spirits.

The Healing House with Lisa and Charleston Treasures is hosting a giveaway of "Make Your Own Rules Cookbook". One lucky winner will be drawn on Monday, September 26th and notified on social media.

Tara Stiles is a larger than life personality who founded Strala yoga which is now in gyms and clubs all over the US. She is also the author of "Slim Calm Sexy Yoga" and "Yoga Cures".  In her own unique way, she is writing, lecturing and doing her part to combat childhood obesity.

You can read more about Tara here 

This book is more than just recipes. Check out her food rules, her space clearing meditations, her pantry lists, and her ideas about planning your shopping time. There is a lot of her in this story and you get to really know her as you read!

And, then, there are the recipes! Beverages, Breakfast, Snacks, Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Sides, Mains and, of course, Desserts. With recipes this delicious, you won't miss the meat and dairy. Trust me!

One of my favorite recipes from this book is Lazy Lentils. I love soups and it makes it even better now that fall is finally beginning to show it's true colors here in the Carolinas. Okay, it's still warm but I have felt the cool in the morning air a few times. Really!

Photo by Yummly

Lazy Lentils

1 large red onion, chopped
3 carrots, cut into bite-size pieces
3 stalks celery, cut into bite-size pieces
2 tbs. olive oil
4 cups vegetable broth
2 cups lentils, rinsed well
2 bay leaves
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp dried tarragon
1/2 tsp curry powder
1 tsp ground red pepper flakes
1 tsp sea salt

Saute the onion, carrots, and celery in the olive oil in a large saucepan until the onions brown.

Add the rest of the ingredients to the saucepan. Add water if needed to cover the veggies and lentils completely.

Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes.  ENJOY!

So, are you interested in winning this book and having it shipped to your doorstep? Entering is easy! Go to The Healing House with Lisa Facebook page and "like" it. To be registered a second time, you can retweet this Twitter tweet.  You can also comment on the Facebook wall about the services you have experienced with The Healing House or those that you would like to try for a second entry. It's that simple.

On Monday, September 26th, I will be posting the winner on both Facebook and Twitter so be sure to "like" us or follow us so you see the results.  

In the meantime, I would love to hear how you feel about this Lazy Lentil soup recipe. It is definitely soup season so Happy September and be sure to check back on Friday!!


Monday, September 12, 2016

Part IV Finding My Faith...

Welcome back for the fourth and final installment of Finding My Faith. This certainly isn't the end of my story but it does allow you to see what my life was up until our move to Charleston, SC.  My life has been divided into some very defining segments and I often find myself thinking in terms of those segments. Before my parent's divorce, after my first marriage, before my move, after my get the idea.  So, today, I am simply offering the final short chapter of my life before South Carolina. After that, well, the real fun began! (No sarcasm. Just truth!)


               The first man I chose to marry was a performer. He loved the stage as a vocalist and musician and he “created” a life for himself. An image. A persona. He carried this image into our marriage but, in the end, his authentic self won out. I realized that he was gay during my pregnancy with our third son. Emails are very telling. He denied it all. He claimed he wanted his family. Our life. His men and me. No.

                It took a full ten years to fully extricate him from my life. My children have their own issues with which to cope. My self-esteem took a huge hit and I had to work to stay engaged in my life and not allow my soul to leave because of the pain I experienced surrounding him and his choices. About the same time, I met the man who was to become my second husband. He saw right through me. He instinctively knew what I needed, what it would take to bring me back to life. He also had three children, a son and two daughters and one soon-to-be ex-wife.

                Together, we made eight and what a challenge that became. We married, meshed our families, and created a new life. I continued to teach music as did he. That’s how we met. Our mutual love of music and teaching was what initially bonded us together. Our love of each other and our kids and our life purposes kept us bonded. We struggled to be eight, to pay bills, to keep the peace, to simply be. It wasn’t easy with a blended family in a very, small town. The trials that go with this type of relationship are real. Big. We did the best we could at every turn. 

                After ten solid years of marriage, teaching and raising our family, we knew it was time for a change. My heart had always been in the sun and when the idea of moving came to the forefront, I immediately chimed in with South Carolina. It happened like clock-work. We spoke to the younger kids since our older guys were starting college. They were on board with a move and a change.

                We traveled to Charleston, SC over spring break and checked out the area. We interviewed, got offered jobs and found a place to live. It happened with such ease. Looking back, I know full well that the angels were guiding our every move. There was not an instance during this time that we were not watched, guided and protected. There were many challenges to moving our large household but it all worked. People in our small town thought we had lost our minds. It was the kind of small town where residents stayed. They watched their kids and grand-kids grow up. They didn’t move away. We left.

                It had taken a while for my husband to realize that I simply wasn’t comfortable being stagnant. I had this adventurous spirit, a gypsy at heart. I longed to go, to be elsewhere, to travel. I didn’t fall into the routines of gossip and women and small towns. I believed that the world was large and conquerable and exciting. I wanted to travel and remain free. Being tied down made me feel claustrophobic. The only ties I truly ever wanted were those to my children. Charleston, SC quickly became our new home. We fell in love. With the city. The customs. The culture. The charm. The south.....

That's the opening for my book "Finding My Faith". I have been led to share it and hopefully, before too long, to finish the publishing part of this work. We all have our stories. Our good, our bad, our struggles, our hardships, our joys. Whatever it is that you are experiencing~ know that you are not alone! You have so much guidance, so much help!

Charleston, SC has been an amazing, glowing, alive city and we have blossomed here! We are thankful everyday for all of our blessings and we continue to struggle, like all humans, through our hardships. Hopefully, by reading bits and pieces of my life, you will realize that EVERYONE has a story and that we can all benefit from extra love and compassion.

I hope this post finds you having an amazing Monday afternoon! Please check back on Wednesday for some information on The Healing House's first cookbook five-away, a recipe and back to lighter topics!!

Blessings for a beautiful day~

Friday, September 9, 2016

Finding My Faith Part III

Welcome to Charleston Treasures! If you are a new reader, you may be a bit confused! I have been posting small sections of a book that I have been working on for the past year. It is basically the story of my life's crazy journey. I hope you will trust me when I say that it does get lighter and more enjoyable to read as time goes on! If you are a returning reader, thanks for bearing with me and coming back to see what happens next...

Part III

I recall being 8, maybe 9. My brother was four years younger. We were visiting relatives out of state. My brother was on the left side of the back seat and I was on the right behind my mother. They started talking, then, arguing and pretty soon it had escalated. I knew we were only a few miles away but that didn’t stop them. My father reached over and slapped her, then, a punch, and then, he grabbed a handful of hair to shake her. My brother began to cry and I yelled for my father to stop. He pulled the car over and turned around to me….”Why don’t you mind your own business?”
                I remember looking down at the mat in the old blue chevy, not daring to lift my eyes. My mother had pulled down the mirror and was fixing her make-up while my brother sniffled beside me. He turned the car back onto the road and we drove along in silence. We arrived at our relative’s home and acted as though nothing at all had occurred.
As an empathic child, I had just been put on overload. I felt my brother’s fear and anxiety, my mother’s anger, fear and lack of self-esteem as she was pummeled in front of her children and my father’s anger, deep-seated hatred and lack of respect for all living beings. In a mere sixty seconds, I had participated in a moment, in a memory that would remain with me for a lifetime. Thank you, Jesus, for releasing me from holding these types of memories deep within my soul!
                At 12, they finally separated. Angry.Rage-filled.Tears.Lawyers. My mother, brother and I headed back to my parent’s hometown in West Virginia and lived with my mother’s parents. My mother at that point, fell into another deep depression. She occasionally refers to the times in her life in which she lost all memory. She shut down. She doesn’t recall the drive from Louisiana to West Virginia. I navigated the roads. She has no memory of registering my brother and I for a new school or shopping for our uniforms. She doesn’t remember the nights my brother and I would cry ourselves to sleep because we had overheard her phone calls to the police about safety and my father’s potential threats from five states away. She just doesn’t remember. She blocked it all out so that she could survive. We survived as well but with different pain and different memories.
                Through all of these years, music was my saving grace. Piano. The act of losing myself in the keyboard kept me sane. Focused. It gave me direction and propelled my forward. It was my medication. I studied and practiced and knew that I had been given this gift of musical creativity so that I could maintain a sense of normalcy. It was the one, single act that I could live within daily that felt normal. While playing, I could block out the rage, the anger and the unkindness that I had witnessed daily. I could be free of my past and sometimes, even my present. Piano.Music.
                Enough details. You get the picture, right? It was tough. This family that my soul had chosen was dysfunctional and difficult to manage. I learned a lot of lessons before my teen years had even begun. I created my life, my world and my dreams. I wanted to be free of my parents and allofthe heart ache that accompanied a relationship with them. More than anything, I wanted peace.
                My brother and I were close at times and distant at other times. He was four years younger. He didn’t remember a lot of it. He chose to be a neutral party and love them both equally. He even decided to move in with my father for high school. He didn’t know the man as I did. He didn’t have the bank of memories that warned of safety measures and well-being. My mother fell into another state of depression. She didn’t function. Couldn’t take care of herself much less me. She didn’t communicate. She was lost to herself and us for many months.
                At 19, I moved out and decided to get married. There is a lot of history in that story as well but short and sweet is sometimes best. I thought I was madly in love. I was.  My heart, my very soul,wanted  to create a family, a household, calm, peace, unconditional love. I wanted everything that my own parents couldn’t, wouldn’t or didn’t offer me. I was determined to create it for myself....

More on Monday~
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