Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alex's Restaurant

I am not a huge diner food fan.  I start this post with that statement because it's true and anyone who knows me, knows this to be factual.  However, every once in a while, the urge hits for an omelet and as much as I love Julia Child, I do not enjoy making omelets.  I dislike the sense of uncertainty when I make them.  Ahhh, the perfectionist in me.  Anyway, maybe I need to watch the youtube tutorial again but somehow it's easier to simply find a diner.
Jeff and I had decided to head out early this morning to run errands and pick up the last few things for my Mom's birthday dinner.  So, we decided on Alex's Restaurant for breakfast while we were out.  We had driven past but never stopped.  The kids were just beginning to stir and not yet interested in getting dressed for the day.  Video games in pj's were calling them! There are four locations:  Goose Creek, Summerville, Mount Pleasant, and North Charleston and the Goose Creek restaurant is only a couple of miles down the, omelets it was.  

I had to laugh as we entered because we had spent countless Sunday mornings in a tiny diner in our old hometown...Scottie's. Those of you from Elkins will know the name-either the old place or the new place both with the crazy, ugly wall-paper probably from the year I was born!?!   The menu was the same as was the clientele.  Where else can you find soup, ice cream, burgers, chili, eggs, steaks and fries, or any breakfast food 24 hours a day?  Scottie's and now Alex's.   Prices are reasonable and the service was fine and my egg beater veggie omelet was great!  The only real difference in this diner and our old dive was the side of grits which you would never see on a menu up north!!  If you are looking for breakfast any time of the day, stop in Alex's.  Don't expect gourmet or cloth napkins or five courses....just home-cooked food, quick, and easy.  I think even Julia would approve!

Alex's Restaurant
132 St. James Ave
Goose Creek, SC
(843) 553-9925

Tuesday-Sunday 24 Hours
Monday Close 11pm
Tuesday Open 5am

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