Friday, February 18, 2011

Charleston's Favorite Dessert Cafe-Kaminsky's

You have to love it when the shop hours are "4-Until Late Night" and you can't force yourself to walk past the  display case that houses every imaginable delicacy without stopping to stare.  Kaminsky's dessert cafe on N. Market Street is simply, fantastically delicious.  We stopped by for some coffee and dessert after our Sunday jaunt last weekend and I couldn't believe the selection of homemade wonderment.  Maybe I am totally enamored but I think every shopping trip, dinner out, special occasion and birthday party  should end in a lingering coffee at Kaminsky's. 

The shop appears old, almost antique.  I don't know if the building really has been there for ages or if it just looks that way but it's cozy and great for small talk and hanging out until long past the street lights have come on.  Pair an espresso or a macchiato with a towering slice of red velvet cake.  Or, try a White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle martini made with Absolut Vodka and Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur.  I had their three berry crumble with vanilla bean ice cream...not decadent or outlandish but cooked and served in an individual ceramic pot-delicious!  Every dessert they brought to our table could have easily fed the four of us and my caramel latte topped with cinnamon was fabulous. This is one place where you have to see the food to believe the food!

If you are looking for a night cap or a way to start the night off right, stop by Kaminsky's for coffee, dessert, wine, even beer.  They also take special orders for cakes and desserts.  Can't wait for my birthday cake this year!!

Kaminsky's, 78 N. Market St., Charleston, SC
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