Sunday, February 20, 2011

East Bay Deli on East Bay Street

The East Bay Deli, located on East Bay Street in Charleston, opened it's doors to customers on September 11th, 2001.  Not the greatest day to open a new restaurant but it has blossomed nonetheless.  The restaurant has now branched out into five locations in a very short amount of time and should be visited by all those who adore sandwiches, wraps and salads.  The menu is vast and may take some studying but a customer will likely find several options that appeal to them.

The restaurant itself has an old time, New York deli feel.  Antique posters, signs and unique objects line the walls while the entrance wall is covered in a huge mural.  And, the restaurant staff was incredibly friendly- a plus when customers need help narrowing down their lunch choice.

The Charleston Chicken was fantastic and comes highly recommended by Aaron.  A marinated, grilled chicken breast topped with sauted peppers and onions and served with honey mustard dressing on a French baguette and covered in melted white American cheese was part of our lunch.

 We also experimented with the Light Tuna Salad Wrap.  Take a sun-dried tomato tortilla and fill it with tuna salad, fresh spinach and melted provolone cheese! And, we can't forget the Hawaiian Sandwich.  Believed by our party, or Emily anyway, to be the best of all, it consisted of thick slices of bread filled with ham, pineapple, and melted cheese grilled to perfection.


Most sandwiches are between $6.50 and $7.50 and well worth the price.  All of the above were served with chips and pickles.
The salad bar needs to be mentioned for those who are not huge sandwich lovers.  The salad bar was a fantastically, fresh bar full of spinach, fresh lettuces, veggies, cheeses, and all things needed for a fast and healthy lunch and it was kept neat and clean with every imaginable condiment available.  Soups can be ordered at the counter and delivered to the table along with the sandwiches.

Lunch was a pleasant experience at the East Bay Deli.  The food was extremely fresh and all of it prepared after we ordered.  The staff was helpful, knowledgeable and friendly and eating at this deli brought us back to our wandering days in New York City.  If you are looking for a quick, filling, healthful lunch, check out the East Bay Deli located on East Bay Street in Charleston.

334 E. Bay Street
Charleston, SC  29401
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  1. Long story short, we Idahoan's used to live in Chas. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it there!! A few recoommendations for you: the best sandwish I've ever had was the Monte Cristo at the Bear E Patch on 61 in West Ashley. DELISH! Also, I highly recommend all the plantations, and especially Cypress Gardens. Amazing. Wish we still lived there, just know someone from Idaho is jealous of you. :)

  2. Thanks so much for the suggestion and Charleston IS great! I am now writing for as a sandwich shop examiner, too, so if you have other great ideas for super sandwich places in the Charleston area, I would love to hear them! We have only been here 8 months so we are still figuring it all out! Happy almost spring!


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