Saturday, February 5, 2011

"World Nutella Day-2011"

 This post is NOT related to Charleston in any way except for the fact that we are now living very near this remarkable city and have been enjoying it for the past 7 months.  This post IS, however, about how deliciously, delectable Nutella really is!  Today, February 5th, is World Nutella Day and I wanted to celebrate like a lot of other bloggers.  I discovered this holiday a few weeks ago when checking out the blogs Bleeding Espresso and  Ms. Adventures in Italy and wanted to participate by sharing one of the ways that we enjoy Nutella.  So-here's my recipe:  Grilled Nutella and Banana Flatbread Sandwiches. 

Use a 100 calorie whole wheat flatbread.  Turn it inside out and spread lightly with butter.  Slather on a thin layer of Nutella on the insides and place butter side down in a grill pan or skillet.  Layer with thin slices of banana and top with the other flatbread-Nutella on the inside and butter on the outside.Lightly grill until the Nutella is melted and the bread is lightly toasted.  Enjoy warm and gooey......usually with a large glass of milk in our house!! 

They are simple and my kids all think of them as dessert except that they aren't.  They really are one serving of wholegrains, half of a banana, and a bit of butter and nutella.  By the way, Nutella is a chocolate and hazelnut spread and you should definitely keep it on hand! 

I have the privilege of having three in-home taste testers...Emily, Aaron and Stephan and I think all would agree that Nutella needs to remain a staple in our kitchen.  It has even been rumored that one of the three has been caught eating it by the spoonfull!  I will leave you to imagine which of the three that would be!!

We love Nutella and have a lot of uses for it- a topping for pancakes, a filling for crepes, an ingredient in brownies and on and on.  If you are looking for ways to use Nutella in your kitchen, you need to check out the site for World Nutella Day.   Enjoy and happy Saturday in the lowcountry!               

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  1. Looking at the pictures of those three enjoying Nutella, the title of todays blog could be "Nutella, It's what soccer players, boy-scouts and vegetarians who like 5-Guys eat"


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