Sunday, March 6, 2011

The White Moose at Groucho's Deli

 There are several reasons to visit Groucho's Deli on King Street.  And, one of them should be that it is a great place to bring your family.  The menu is full of "designer" sandwiches like The Brown Moose, The White Moose, The Cole Special Dipper and The Apollo Dipper.  Or, customers can try a salad, some chicken chili or even order one of their veggie plates for vegetarian customers.  We checked them out and everyone found something that appealed to them on the menu.  The White Moose was my choice of the day and was simply a soft roll filled with freshly shaved turkey, melted provolone, some spinach and the 45 sauce.

Groucho's is actually a franchise now but they weren't when they first opened in 1941 in Columbia, SC.  The owner, Harold Miller, grew up in an orphanage in Philadelphia and moved to Columbia with ideas for specialty potato salad, cole slaw, and some salad dressings.  He reminded the then small town of Columbia of Grouch Marx.  He looked like him, talked like him, always had a big cigar and, well,  the name kind of stuck.  He became Groucho.  He opened his first shop and the rest, as they say, is history.  The shop grew into the franchise that it is today.  And, for that, we are grateful.  We are also grateful for their signature potato chips.....

 We also were curious about all of the special sauces that come on the sandwiches....Formula 45 is a mixture of herbs, Russian dressing and Thousand Island.  It's sweet, tart, tangy and full of what appeared to be dill.  My husband is hopeful that it can be duplicated!  They also have Formula 95 which is a fat free mustard concoction.  There were several others on the menu but we tasted and loved both of these. 

You can see on their board that the Sandwich of the Week was the Chicken Cordon Bleu but no one ventured into this unknown territory.  The milkshakes also were a neat addition to the menu.  

It was quaint inside and the staff was super friendly.  We enjoyed our time at Groucho's but not nearly as much as my younger two sons enjoyed an afternoon with their older, in college and on spring break, brother. 

If you are looking for some good sandwiches with some great sauces, check out Groucho's:
Groucho's Deli
364-A King Street

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