Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New in the News- Two great blogs and the Lowcountry Artist Market

Good Morning!
If you checked in last night, you got to see some photos from our jaunt down to Key West.  It was fun but now, we are back to reality and the reality's Wednesday.  So, time for some New in the News from Charleston Treasures!

 Saturday mornings have become Farmer's Market days for us but this Saturday there is something else going on in Charleston and I thought you should know about it.  The Lowcountry Artist Market!!  It's being held in the Music Farm.  We've been there for some concerts~easy to find.  32 Anne Street from 10am-3pm this Saturday.  Artists from all over the Lowcountry will be selling their unique items and you should go shopping and buy local.  Busy.  Crazy.  Loud.  And, lots of cool stuff!

Next, check out Charm of Charleston.  Obviously, you are a blog reader or you wouldn't be here.  Sarah is a transplant and blogs about all things interesting, unique and spectacular about Charleston and Southern living....a girl after my own heart!!

Also, hop on over to Upper King Charleston.  This blog is a who's who and a what's where blog that really breaks down the craziness that is King Street~one of my favorite places to wander in Charleston.  We love the energy on this strip no matter the time of day.  Great shopping.  Good food.  Fun people.  

So, enjoy and I am off to pack another suitcase.  Traveling to Durham tonight so the mister can be formally inducted into the National Band Director's Association.  Sounds exciting, no?  Happy Summer!

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