Friday, July 8, 2011

The Sandbars on Sullivan's Island

We had only been on Sullivan's Island once and we really weren't sure what we were looking for.  All our friends told us was....Go to Station 26.  

We did look it up and get some directions.  We wanted Brandon and Amanda to have a super day at the beach.  I guess we were taking a chance.  But, we are so glad we did. Now, we have a new "favorite" beach.

Sullivan's Island is a barrier island north of the Charleston Harbor. It only has about 2,000 residents making up approximately 1,000 households.  Most residents reside here full-time.  One of it's best qualities, though, is that there are no hotels, motels, or rentals on the island.  That makes for some quiet afternoons on the beach.

Sullivan's Island is great because of the sandbars.....we walked out.  Well, those of us who are a bit height-challenged had to swim. We searched for shells.  We caught glimpses of live star fish.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time here. And, because it's residential, the people were few and far between.  If you look carefully, you can see the sand and then the sandbar.  It's further than it looks!

We took some time to check out the lighthouse even though it was a bit far...

And, of course, we had to lay on the beach for a bit....

It was a great afternoon!  The best part was we headed home with some beautiful souvenirs.  

 And, now that we have found a true "Charleston Treasure", we can return again and again.  Hope your week-end is super!


  1. Hi, Lisa,
    I just stopped over from Joan's blog for a quick visit. Love your blog and the things you write about. Isn't Charleston a wonderful place to live?


  2. We really do love Charleston and after living here for a year....we are grateful we made the decision to move! Glad you enjoy my blog!


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