Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tacos on Folly

Everyone likes tacos. Don't they?  And, everyone loves the beach.  Right?  Shouldn't we all have tacos at the beach at least once a week?  I think it should be a rule.  Once a week, we go for tacos at the beach.  But, not any beach. Folly Beach.  And, not any Mexican restaurant.....Taco Boy.

Folly Beach is an old time, beach town.  The streets are a bit more narrow and the houses are pretty close together.  The restaurants have survived storms and deserted Carolina winters and tourists.  But, it's such a pleasure to walk those streets.  It's fun.  

You will pass the shrimp boats on the way in....

And, you will pass this boat.  

I didn't take this photo because we always fly by before I can focus my camera but it's there, right before you turn into Bowan's Island Restaurant.  It's been named the Folly Beach Boat.  It was washed ashore in 1989 during Hurrican Hugo and there it remains.  

We have made many trips to Folly Beach over the past year and it has never looked the same two trips in a row.  People paint it and enjoy it over and over again.  And, it has it's own site....check it out!  This is not my photo either, but at some point, it even looked like this...

Pretty incredible, huh?  Anyway, back to the tacos.  If you are heading to Folly Beach, you need to time it right so you are hungry at some point during your trip.  When your tummy starts growling, head to Taco Boy.  They're closed on Mondays and Tuesdays at the Folly location so, plan!  You can't miss it.  It has blue doors and you drive right past it as you head to the beach.

Their menu?  Well, tacos, of course.  Lots of tacos.  In fact, I would venture to say that they have just about every type of taco imaginable.   Unless you are a really out there kind of eater?!?  

We split a humongous order of nachos that were covered with cowboy beans, guacamole, salsa, queso, sour cream and some Monterey Jack cheese. Should have stopped there!  But, then, we ate some shrimp tacos in butter lettuce (me) and some carne asada quesadillas (the mister).  All super delicious!

Taco Boy is a fun spot and it's decorated for fun.  Our waitress was not fun.  In fact, she was kind of goofy but, it's great food in a crazy-fun atmosphere and you should definitely head to Folly for some tacos today.  And, you can thank me any time because this is some good advice!  

Last, make sure you are heading out at sunset.  You can get some great shots over the marshes as the sun sets.  Have a great trip and eat some tacos for me!

Taco Boy
Folly Beach
15 Center Street
11am-2am Wednesday-Sunday

They have a downtown location, too!  Haven't been there, yet, but it's on the list!  And, don't forget to click on the link to send some points to Charleston Treasures on top mommy blogs!

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this post. Never been to Folly beach but looks interesting and peaceful as well. Taco boy has a great concept-I am sure there is a taco there to suit anyone.


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