Saturday, September 24, 2011

Grill 225

Has a place every caught your eye?  Got you thinking?  Imagining?  Even hoping?  Well, this was Grill 225 for me.  

We had passed this restaurant several times last summer during our "get to know the city" wanderings but we had never made a reservation.  

A few weeks ago, we were in need of a pick-me-up outing.  Some friends were willing and we needed a destination.  Why not?  I thought when the text came suggesting this lavish, old-fashioned yet modern eatery.  We were not disappointed.

Located at 225 E. Bay Street, Grill 225 is a Charleston landmark attached to the Market Pavilion Hotel.   The Pavilion Bar is meant for rooftop diners but when we discovered that a table for the evening was $800, we decided that the "peasant" dining room would suit us just fine.   

The dining room is simply incredible and could easily be the backdrop for a movie.  Beautiful woodwork, art work, granite and wood floors that were shiny enough to see your reflection.....or make you lose your balance in front of a room full of diners!  But, I think, above all, it was the waitstaff that got me.

Dressed in chef white and southernly prim and proper, they had been well-taught in serving, small talk, silverware, a completely dressed table, the menu, wine....  The list is lengthy and we definitely felt taken care of.

The inside was absolutely breath taking and it was a pleasure to simply sit and people watch and wait for our table...the one that was being held due to a two week advance reservation by our friend.  They are busy.  Customers are local as well as travelers who had read reviews before heading into Charleston.  But, reservations are a must!

We were dining during restaurant week so, we did decide to choose our meals based on their prix-fix offerings but there was certainly no harm in that.  Our friends and the mister, all decided upon beef and I had a beautiful piece of salmon with a delicious dill sauce.  Vegetables were served family style which caught me a bit off guard.  Something that usually does not appeal to me.  However, my mind was quickly changed as I tasted the mashed sweet potatoes with Boursin cheese.  Even our bread basket was elegant with roasted tomato bread, whole wheat mini rolls, and some cheese bread.  Not your usual offerings in a bread basket!

You can tell from this photo that even the ceiling of this restaurant is quaint, antique, detailed. It speaks of old Southern style and charm and formality but it was fun and delicious.  We had a wonderful evening out and simply enjoyed the experience.  Isn't that what life is about?  Enjoying the experience of simply living?  

Drinks at Social before Grill 225

We probably all should remind ourselves of that a bit more often.  So, ENJOY your week-end and if you are thinking about giving Grill 225 a try, make a reservation.....Happy Saturday from Charleston Treasures!

225 E. Bay Street
Charleston, SC 

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