Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Janna McMahan's "the ocean inside"

I couldn't stop.  Reading, that is.  I didn't really have time to sit and simply read but I kept picking it up anyway.  Believe me when I say that at midnight last night, I really should have been sleeping.  Five am comes pretty early!  But, now, I have a new author to watch for at the library.  And, I am planning on picking up her earlier book "Calling Home".

Janna McMahan is local.  She lives in South Carolina and her story takes place on Pawley's Island.  It is about family and upheaval and finding real love and keeping true love safe and protecting children.  If you would enjoy a novel in which you see yourself or your family or your childhood or even your hometown, check out "the ocean inside".

Emily and I had the privilege of speaking with Janna two weeks ago at the 2nd Annual Lowcountry Women Authors Book Signing and buying a signed copy.  What a delight!  

We enjoyed the entire event and came home with several new books. What got me was how much I could relate to the family names, street names, food, and coastal living in this story.  We've only been here a little over a year!

You can read more about Janna McMahan here.  If you decide to read this novel, you will be pulled in several directions through the course of it but you'll be grateful for the experience when you finally put the book down.  Don't worry~I won't give away the ending but you should definitely pick it up!

Happy Reading from Charleston Treasures!

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