Monday, November 21, 2011

Charleston's Candy Kitchen

Do you wander the streets of Charleston snapping pictures and dreaming of the day you can live on a boat?  Do you pass the vine covered alcoves and wonder who is drinking gin and tonics or glasses of Chardonnay on those porticos?  Do you love salty and sweet together?  You can smell the sugar and you don't even have to take a step inside.....but, you will.  You won't be able to pass it by.

I have to admit that I am usually up for salty before I start raiding the cabinets for anything sweet.  But, this place is a bit different.  The choices are so entirely endless.  Located on 32 N. Market, it is right beside the market and sure to please just about every taste bud out there!  Barrels and shelves of serve yourself candy...

A beautiful glass counter full of hand dipped nuts or berries.  Chocolate covered marshmallows, oreos and graham crackers.  White chocolate.  Milk chocolate and my absolute favorite, dark chocolate!

Better yet, go for a caramel covered apple dipped in peanuts, pecans or sprinkles....

They are noted for their taffy and the store is full of it.  I remember being really little and taffy always accompanied us home from week long vacations to the beach.  This sign makes me laugh every time!

This counter is always a favorite of ours in the summer months.  Gelato!  The hard part is deciding on a flavor.  Go for the Key Lime.  I can vouch for it.  Cool.  Tangy.  Delicious.  Summery....

It is a candy shop.  It is the sweetest place to wander.  And eat.  And take pictures.  Definitely not the place anyone needs to go every day but absolutely the place everyone needs to visit at least once.  Well, at least once each time you are in the city.  And, you can't walk out the door without some rock candy.  At least, my kiddos don't.  Then, they have something too munch while we do some more wandering around our favorite city.

It's colorful.  It's super sweet.  It's fun.  And, it's the perfect Charleston spot for when you didn't order dessert and are using some foot power to see the city.  Or, for something cool and refreshing during our hot months.  No matter what sweet treat you are looking for, you will find it here.  Enjoy.  And, Happy Monday from Charleston Treasures!

32 N. Market Street
 Charleston, SC

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