Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Do you enjoy Mexican food?  We love Mexican food.  Apparently, the mister didn't used to but living with me for so long has changed his mind.  But, and that's a pretty big but....I'm picky about Mexican food.  I like it real.  Authentic.  Taco Bell doesn't count.   But real Mexican food~that counts.

We were at the point.  You know, the one where you need a break?  The one where it doesn't matter where you go as long as you don't have to take kids or answer the phone or deal with any tattling or return any texts for an entire two hours?  Kids, we are picking you up some pizzas and we are heading out for two hours.  Don't call us unless you are bleeding or the house is on fire!  You know that point?

But, where to go?  We had found a few hangouts before our move and now we were at a loss.  We could make the trek through traffic to our old stomping grounds.  It's not that far or we could head into Charleston but who wants to spend thirty minutes of the two hours driving?  So, we stayed in town and drove until something struck us.  Cinco de Mayo.  Authentic Mexican food.  SCORE!

If you have read my blog, you know that I love bacon and blueberries and french fries.  I don't think I have ever said how much I love chips and salsa!  But, I do.  I love them like eat the entire basket by myself love them.  Our waitress brought hot and mild salsa, too.  That made us both happy.

Cinco de Mayo has a phenomenally huge menu.  Burritos, enchiladas, tacos, salads, fajitas, quesadilla....all with chicken, beef, shredded pork or beans.  Chips and salsa.  And, a very full green bar...

This restaurant reminds me of a place from our West Virginia days...Humberto's.  Some of you out there in the blog-o-sphere world will know it.  Real food.  Real waiters who struggle with the English language.  Cooks who learned their craft somewhere other than the USA.  

We like this place.  In an odd way, it reminds us of what used to be home.  Our food was quick and tasty and the service was good.   It was a great way to spend a long, luxurious, childless two hours.  

If you are in Moncks Corner and you are hungry, now you know where to go.  Unless you are heading to my house.  I will feed you.  I do make some mean chicken enchiladas but I can't take your order in Spanish. Check them out and Happy Wednesday from Charleston Treasures!

Cinco de Mayo on Urbanspoon

Cinco de Mayo
636 Rembert C Dennis Blvd
Moncks Corner, SC

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