Friday, November 11, 2011

Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts

The sun was so bright this morning that it was difficult to see the sign but we found it.  I saw an article in cyberspace and couldn't wait to visit.  My mister is a "hugehungous" doughnut fan.  That really is a word. Honest.  My son, Aaron, used it all the time when he was little. Cute, huh?

We had to be in the city for a doctor's appointment early anyway.  So, why not do double duty and have some breakfast and investigate fresh, hot, yeasty doughnuts at the same time?

Glazed has not even been open a year and business appears to be booming.  Owners, Mark Remi and Allison Smith came up with the idea after she graduated from the Culinary Institute of Charleston.  The rest, as they say, is history.  They were even kind enough to stop making doughnuts this morning and pose for a photo.....

The walls of this quaint doughnut eatery, located at 481 King Street, have some pretty cool, unique art work and the doughnut smell hit us before we had even entered the door.  I think the mister's sense of smell could have found the place even without googling the address.

Locating the shop was easy.  Deciding what to try....not so simple!  


I pulled the list right from their website.  They also comment that not all flavors are available every day and there will always be additions and subtractions based on the whims of their pastry chef.  That's all okay with us because we were willing to taste any of the doughnuts that were there!  These weren't just doughnuts sitting in a white box waiting for someone to pick them up, either.  These were miniature works of art and beautifully displayed....

The mister ended up eating an Orange Ginger Doughnut with chocolate icing and I could not pass up the bacon!  Bacon is one of my weaknesses in life and combined with cinnamon apples inside a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth fritter, well, I couldn't resist....(My photo definitely does not do it justice!)

You need to go here.  This is not just a suggestion.  You are seriously missing out if you do not try some doughnuts from Glazed.  Check the hours....They open at 7am on weekdays and a bit later on the week-ends but they close at 3~or, whenever the doughnuts are gone.  If we lived a bit closer, the mister would make sure they were never open until 3.  We left happy and full and smiling.  Out into the beautiful South Carolina fall to enjoy our Veteran's Day.  No school for us in honor of all those who work so diligently to keep us safe and our freedom secure.  Happy Veteran's Day from Charleston Treasures!

481 King Street
Charleston, SC  

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