Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mad River Bar and Grill on WVU Saturdays

 Where do WVU fans go on game-day Saturdays in Charleston?  Church.  Kind a weird sort of way.  Mad River Grill?  You bet.  It does look like a church.  Actually, it used to be a church and now, it's a bar and grill.  Although, it's probably fair to say that some praying went on in there yesterday! 

Mad River Bar & Grill is located on N. Market Street and is a converted church.  They host team trivia nights, private parties, and sponsor live bands several days a week.  It is also the home of the Lowcountry Mountaineers on football Saturdays.  And, we happened to be four of those Mountaineer fans yesterday. Most everyone there was dressed in blue and gold.  I, of course, had to sport my favorite green scarf but, the mister is infamous for his sports fan attire.  Makes Christmas shopping easy!

Just so you know, I had SO much fun taking this photo.  I am never even close to meeting up with the mister's shoulders but there was a conveniently placed step by our booth.  Perfect for making me look several inches taller.  There is a 14 inch difference in our heighths! 

We have been hoping for a free Saturday for so long to be able to go and check this out.  Yesterday was it.  The weather was gorgeous and the air was crisp and the sun was shining and we were just happy to be in Charleston for the afternoon.  Surrounding ourselves with other Mountaineer fans made for a fun game day!

We arrived just before game time and couldn't wait to place our order.  West Virginia homestyle pepperoni rolls with some sauce on the side and a plate of nachos with an order of fries and we were ready for the game!  They do have a special menu for WVU game days and that made us happy.  I can't tell you about their everyday menu because this was our first trip but the pepperoni rolls were pretty good!

It definitely is a bit strange to be drinking some cold beers and look up to this......

But, it was a fun adventure kind of Saturday.  Definitely something we hadn't experienced before.  This picture was just as we arrived before the fans showed up.  Although, I have to admit, I snuck out for a bit of wandering mid-way through the game.  Football isn't exactly my thing but taking pictures on a sunny Saturday around Charleston is!

We had an amazing Saturday in Charleston.  The Mountaineers won against Cincinnati 24-21 and it was gritty to the end but fun!  The beer was cold.  The pepperoni rolls tasted like home.  The wait staff was so-so but the atmosphere was festive!  If you are a Mountaineer fan living or visiting in Charleston, you know where to go on game days.  Happy Sunday from Charleston Treasures!

32 N Market Street
Charleston, SC

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