Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whole Foods Market

Does shopping make you smile?  In November??  So close to two major holidays?  I used to be a shopper.  I could spend hours shopping, searching, hoping to find whatever it was that I was looking for.  Now?  Forget it.  Life is too short!

Give me a good internet connection, a hot cup of coffee, my debit card and my flannel pajamas any morning at 5am and I can be the world's greatest shopper.  Online.  No crowds.  No loud Christmas music.  No crying children.  No impatient people.  

Unless I am shopping here......

I know.  Crazy, right?  But, Whole Foods Market has become my newest obsession.  I discover products in this store that I have not seen before.  Ingredients that I have been wanting to experiment with and new ideas form so quickly simply from wandering the aisles.  I love it!  And, I have fallen in love with their cheese counter....

I find this part delightful.  I love the idea of walking through and tasting so many samples.  Party planning suddenly becomes easy.  I mean, what if I did get home and really didn't like what I just bought?  The employees even make me smile.  I think they are one of the reasons I am pondering the idea of a wine and cheese party for Christmas.  A little research and a trip to their cheese counter and then the wine department....

One of the other great things is that Whole Foods is a great source for suggestions.  Recipes abound.  Pick up a booklet on the way in the door.  Have a chat with the guy behind the cheese counter about a few great choices and then ask for some ideas about wines that would go well with that cheese.  And, party time!  See?  It's making you smile, too.  Isn't it?  And, who can pass up a walk down this aisle?

Well, actually, the mister could pass on the whole grains altogether but I don't let him.  Buy in bulk.  Buy what you need and bag it yourself.  Quinoa, lentils, nuts, seeds, a bajillion kinds of rice, oats, wheat berries, barley...this list could go on for a while but we came home with some beautiful red lentils.  You'll definitely see them in a post soon!  And, I guess fresh fruit and vegetables are expected.  The color is always what gets me....

 I know.  I know.  Of all the things to obsess over.....a grocery store?  Well, yeah.  I spent several years living in small towns with typical grocery stores but nothing special.  Nothing that makes you want to plan a party.  Certainly not a store that makes you want to try something new and exciting!  So, I guess in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I will say that I am grateful for this place.  I am so glad to live close!  And, not only did we shop and go home with some things we needed...

We also had to take a moment for a quick lunch.  I had the absolute best Guatemalan Chicken soup ever.  

Spicy and rich and absolutely delicious even though weather is still asking for shorts and flip flops!  They produce a fresh, healthy hot and cold bar daily.  Pizzas, soups, salads, fresh chicken, potatoes,breads, sweet treats, you name it, take home to heat, eat in, to go, buy the pound, bowl or cup and it's fresh and healthy and yummy!

We both left smiling, full and happy.  I was happy to be shopping at Whole Foods Market and the mister was happy to have the chance to sample every cheese on display.  Twice.  We smiled even more on the way out as we realized that it was just a short drive to return.  And, we will.  Often. 

923 Houston Northcutt Blvd.
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Open 8am-9pm Daily

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  1. Well, I just loved this! I love Whole Foods also. One of my best friends has a daughter who works at corporate in Austin. I feel close to the store! :) I just wish I could get there in less than 25 minutes....and I live in Mt P. I would go all the time...and now Trader Joe's right next door. I am a Southern California Gal in heaven!

    Great to hear that others agree with me!

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