Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Food Gods Were Smiling.....39 Rue de Jean

Sometimes, we just get lucky.  We were in Mt. Pleasant running errands.  We were hungry.  We were pushed for time and we didn't have a plan.  Typical and  true.  We had company coming for dinner and an appointment at my son's school to discuss graduation and scholarship requirements.  The mister saw the French name.  How had we missed it for so long?  

39 Rue de Jean is very near the Visitor's Center in Charleston. In fact, we have passed it many times heading onto King Street.  I don't know why we hadn't noticed it before but the food Gods were smiling on us.  

Rue, as it is called by locals, is housed in a two story brick warehouse built in 1880.  In 1943, it was redesigned by Augustus Constantine in the popular Art Moderne style for office space.  The inside is quite the walk back in time.....

It is so typically French.  The marble topped tiny tables.  The brick archways.  A basket of butter and a baguette.  We loved it!  We watched them stock the bar for the day ahead.

Even the outdoor seating area had the smooth old-time jazz radio station piped in.  I can't wait to return in the spring and eat here while I people watch.

The brick walls and decor...

It was empty when we walked in and bustling by the time we left an hour and a half later.  The waitstaff was dressed in black and white and the customers entered seeming to expect the French aura that is 39 Rue de Jean.  But, the food...  We checked out the menu for quite a while.  Truffle Potato Soup, Beef Tartare, Veal Sweetbreads, Escargots, Frisee Lyonnaise, Nicoise Salad, Croque Monsieurs, Quiche.  HEAVEN!!  I ordered the Omelette with Fines Herbes with Swiss Cheese and pommes frittes. I will always love the combination of hot, crispy fries, sea salt and ketchup.  It was one of my favorite lunches in Paris.

The mister stayed with more American fare and requested a burger and fries.  He was pleasantly surprised when his ordered arrived and it wouldn't even fit in his mouth...

My only regret?  Not discovering this place sooner.  And not having three stomachs so I could try everything on the menu!  We love Charleston.  I love all things French.  If you are in the area, you definitely need to stop by Rue de Jean.  Take a trip to France while in Charleston...

39 Rue de Jean
39 John Street
Charleston, SC
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