Monday, December 19, 2011

Perfectly Franks-Food Network Tonight!

Something exciting is happening!  Well, I guess, technically, it already happened but tonight we get to see it.  For ourselves.  On the Food Network.  Guy Fieri, THE Guy Fieri from "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives", was in Summerville in October to check out Perfectly Franks.  

We got the word over the week-end that the show was airing this evening at 10pm.  The translation?  Well, besides an afternoon nap for me?  A short road trip to Summerville and lunch at the famous hot dog eatery. We had never eaten there but the mister was ecstatic and ever so happy to drive twenty miles for some hot dogs.  He loves them.  They rank right up there with donuts in his book. Off to N. Main Street we went.  And, the restaurant is psyched for tonight....

We were psyched when we checked out the never-ending menu, too.  Our friends had mentioned that they served "famous franks" in all sorts of ways with really unique names.  We simply were not prepared.  Ordering took us much longer than expected.  I can't even begin to ponder posting hot dog titles on here.  You have to see it for yourself.  But here is what we finally decided on:

A Frank Coney:  Topped with chili, yellow mustard, and onions

A Frank Rizzo:  Topped with shredded lettuce, mayo, tomato and bacon
A Franco Columbo:  Topped with grilled onions, black peppered bacon, and bleu cheese

A Franky Luv:  Topped with coleslaw, sweet Dr. Pepper bbq sauce and crispy onion

I guess you could say we were happy campers.  The hot dogs were good and the fries were superb.  You can actually just order baskets of fries on the side.  If you know me at all, you know that this makes me incredible giddy!  I love fries!  Cajun fries, seasoned fries, chili fries, chili and cheese fries, and my new absolute favorite basket of fries??  Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar fries.  Yum! The place was packed.  Apparently, they like sea salt & malt vinegar fries as much as I do.  Or, maybe they were there for hot dogs?  

Anyway, Perfectly Franks is in Summerville at 118 N. Main Street.  They are open Monday-Saturday from 11:15-8:30 and you should definitely check them out.  Or, you can watch the Food Network this evening at 10:00pm and watch Guy Fieri check them out.  

We will be watching tonight and we will definitely be back to try a Franco Harris or an Anne Frank or a Frank Cuda or a Frank Zappa or a Frankenstein...see the reoccurring theme here?  Franks done perfectly.  Or...Perfectly Franks.  Yep.  Watch tonight!  Or, if you are finishing your Christmas shopping and baking and simply too busy tonight, watch on Dec. 31st at 4:00pm or on Jan. 1st or 4th at 6:00pm.  Happy viewing from Charleston Treasures!!

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