Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blue Bicycle Books

Few things are as enticing to me as a hot South Carolina day or a very cool book store or, as was my case, both at once.  We discovered  Blue Bicycle Books mid-July by accident.  We were wandering and and had actually gotten quite skilled in the art form of meandering.  We had been in the state two, maybe three, weeks and we had nothing but time on our hands-lots of it!  Our younger three were visiting in West Virginia....for the first time, leaving us several days to, well, wander.  We didn't have a plan except that each day usually ended with cold drinks, long swims and even longer discussions of what we had seen, where we had been and where we still needed to go.  And, we had been all over-determined to learn our way around before our kids returned in two weeks.  Googling everything, including where to buy stamps, got old.   Anyway, this had been one of those superbly hot July days and wandering the Charleston streets had brought out my grumpier side.  That was until we wandered down King Street and discovered this shop.  Book stores have always been a spot where my husband and I could kill hours....especially when leaving meant returning to the heat indexes of 110!  It looks tiny on the outside.....but inside, well, it extends back 172 feet and it is filled with new books, rare titles, old books, signed copies, foreign languages, cookbooks, textbooks-you name it and we fell in love.  It's current owners, Lauren and Jonathan Sanchez, showcase 50,000 volumes and even host writing classes for children during the summer months.  They also sponsor book signings and specialize in local South Carolina books and authors.  If you love book browsing or you are looking for somewhere to hide out for a while in the air-conditioning, check out Blue Bicycle Books on King Street.  You will be glad you did!
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