Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Day In Savannah

We are always in the mood for a drive and are perpetually looking for an adventure especially since we have been without children for the past few weeks. We need something to fill our quiet hours!  So, when the mister looked up from his computer and said....."We haven't been to Savannah, yet."  I shrugged and said, "Okay. Why not?"  The following morning we headed toward Walterboro, onto I-95 and down to Savannah.

It's beautiful.  It's historic.  It doesn't compare to our favorite city, Charleston, but it was a great way to spend an afternoon.  We saw tons of art studios and the colors were amazing!

And, we really enjoyed checking out the oldest section of town.....River Street.  The buildings transport you back 100 years and the nooks and doors and outdoor staircases are enchanting.

We had a great afternoon strolling through the City Market.  The shops were quaint and the people were friendly!

The Mister enjoyed played the role of the Southern Gentleman ALL afternoon.  I think it's the hat!?!  Notice he is holding a Palmetto Rose made from the straw that the natives weave into baskets...

We wandered our way through many beautiful streets covered in the green from the trees and Spanish moss...

While strolling though the streets, we checked out several historic homes that were simply regal looking.  The stories they could tell, if those homes could talk!

We finished our day with a late lunch at Papillote~a charming French take-out sort of place.  The menu was varied and the macaroons were delicious.  The mister savored The Melted Angel~ smoked brisket with wine shallots and melted pepper-jack cheese and I enjoyed Le Parisien~swiss cheese, ham, brie, and thinly sliced tart apples, all toasted on a slice of ciabatta bread.  Drooling?  You should be...Il etait tres delicieux!  

And, when all was said and done, we spent a great day walking, talking, eating, laughing and......missing our children!  The days can't pass quickly enough sometimes.  Our life together began with each of us having three children and our live continues with our family of eight and we miss them terribly when they aren't here with us.  

Savannah is a great little city.  Take some time and stroll the Spanish moss covered walkways and check out River Street with it's cobblestone streets, secluded alleys and great views of the river.  Enjoy from Charleston Treasures and hope everyone had a pleasant 4th of July!

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