Friday, October 7, 2011

That Big Book Sale

Wow.  First, I have to say that today has got to be the most beautiful lowcountry day that I have experienced so far.  Sunny.  Breezy.  Low-80's.  The weather is perfect...unless you are trying to get a tan on the beach.

I didn't go to school today.  Pick a reason.  Stephan was being honored at a breakfast as the September recipient of the BUCK award at his school.  Yeah, Steph!  My gallbladder needed an up close viewing with an ultra sound machine.  Whatever.  And, That Big Book Sale was going on at the Gaillard Auditorium.  So VERY cool!!  I couldn't have missed it as I came into town.....well, I could have.  If you've ever ridden with me, you would understand but this sign sort of gave it away.

I had only been in the auditorium pick up race packets for the bridge run.  It is definitely a large place!

Anyway, That Big Book Sale began yesterday and goes until Sunday.  It really is incredible.  Well, it is if you love books as much as I do.  I always have a stack nearby.  Some I am usually rereading.  Some are waiting for me to begin and others....I just like having those around.  Prices are the amazing part of this sale.  Adult hardbacks are $3 and paperbacks are only $1.  Can you believe that one?  They had a monstrous selection....

 ....fiction, non-fiction, cookbooks, children's books, biographies, travel, medicine, health, computers, crafts, sci-fi, gardening, sports, and on and on.  It is free to get in and all proceeds benefit this place.....

I went alone.  I wandered.  I browsed.  I walked out with a stack of books.  I paid $10.50.  I was smiling.  People passing me probably thought I was loving the walk in the sunshine.  I was but I was also enjoying the fact that I had nine new books to read.  Why do books make me so happy??  And, as I look over my stack of paperbacks...the books we choose to read say so much about us.  Take a look~

"Unsuitable for Ladies: An anthology of women travellers" by Jane Robinson
"No Man Is An Island" by Thomas Merton
"Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress" by Dai Sijie
"Tender at the Bone"  by Ruth Reichl
"Vera~Mrs. Vladimir Nabokov" by Stacy Schiff
"Paris to the Moon"  by Ada Gopnik
"The Soul of a Chef"  by Michael Ruhlman
"Five Quarters of the Orange"  by Joanne Harris
"The Everything Sailing Book"  by Michael and Nikki Smorenburg

That last one is for the Mister....who still is talking about living on a boat in just a few short years.  He probably should begin to think about learning to sail?!?

It was a wonderful afternoon although, a bit unusual for me.  I don't often head out alone.  Much less for an entire day.  I didn't get lost. I thoroughly enjoyed my book browsing.  And, I had a delicious lunch.  You will need to check back tomorrow to hear about that part.  

Happy Friday from Charleston Treasures!

October 6-9
Gaillard Auditorium
77 Calhoun Street
Charleston, SC

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