Friday, January 13, 2012

Bombay Indian Restaurant and the Bombay Bazar Grocery

The sights.  The sounds.  The smells.  Better yet....the TASTE of India.  I decided to sneak away for the most awesome lunch.  Yep.  Indian food was calling my name.  Actually, it was screaming at me.  Thank goodness for Google maps.  What a wonderful App.  Direction giver.   For the directionally impaired.  Uh...that would be me. 

Anyway, the Bombay Indian Restaurant and the Bombay Bazar Grocery are just five minutes from my school.  Lucky me!

I really think that I am in love with the smell of Indian food as much as the taste.  It so fragrant and spiceful.  Is that a word?  You know what I mean.  Full of flavor and full of spices.  If it isn't a word, it probably should be.  Spiceful.  Indian spices are incredible.  Tumeric. Curry.  Ginger.  Cumin.  I am in love.  Totally.

I had Bombay's lunch buffet.  $7.99 and delicious!  Good for me because I wanted to taste everything.  Twice.

 The garlic Naan was amazing.  That easily could have been my lunch.  Dip it into any of the curries and...heaven!  My first plate was incredible.

Garlic naan, chicken curry, aloo mutter (peas and potatoes in a curry sauce), and chicken tikka masala.  The flavors burst in my mouth and the spices all went together and I lost which spice was with which dish.  I need to eat here again very soon.  I did go back for more naan and another plate of the curries just to see which I like best.  

My decision?  Both are the best.  I would make an awful judge.  Wouldn't I?  At least I didn't have to judge their art work.  It was all amazing, too.  I think I should move to India.  

 Okay, maybe that is extreme but maybe I should invest in an Indian cookbook?  If you have suggestions on a great one, please leave it in a comment.  I think making homemade curries is about to become my newest obsession.  I need another food obsession.  The mister will love it.  That was definitely sarcasm.

Anyway, here is the other cool part about the Bombay Indian Restaurant.  They are not only a restaurant.  They are also an Indian grocery.  

The owner was so willing to talk and explain and answer my questions.  She definitely has my vote for friendliest shop owner!  I spent some time looking around and trying to comprehend exactly what I was seeing.  

I ended up leaving with not only a full tummy but also a full shopping bag.  I have spices and cookies and curry mix and some garam masala and I CAN'T wait to make Indian food in my own kitchen.  

I hope you are going for Indian food tonight!  Or, at least to one of the local restaurants as they begin Restaurant Week.  It looks like it is going to be a fun few days of eating, blogging, piano playing, eating some more and wandering the Charleston streets.  Hope you are looking forward to a great week-end.  Happy Friday from Charleston Treasures!

6216 Rivers Ave.
Charleston, SC  29406

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  1. Hi, Lisa, I am eating a homemade curry right now! I love all the spices also. I have been doing this for years now and I love just dumping and hoping. Tonight it is pork, ginger, garlic, coconut milk, onion, broccoli and carrots and a whole bunch of garam masala, different curry powders, cumin and candied yum! I should have written it down and taken a picture but it is just dinner - a dump and hope.

    Hey, I have been to that restaurant too and had forgotten about it. I work about 5 minutes away also - we should meet there one day for lunch and spice ourselves to death!

    Have a good weekend and stay warm!

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