Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Day After St. Paddy's Day

Gorgeous, right?  The trees and flowers are all in bloom and it made our parade watching, St. Paddy's Day celebrating even more pleasant.  Did you really check in to see if we were feeling the effects of too much alcohol yesterday?  That answer would be a resounding "No".   We were in our "kid-friendly" family mode.

However, we did have a great afternoon.  The weather was in the mid-80's.  The crowds were festive.  And, we enjoyed the most relaxing Saturday we have had in a long time.  We spent a bit of time watching the end of the parade in front of this church...

The colors of the day continued to make me smile.  We took some time and wandered through the Park Circle area.  The sights were interesting and amusing...

 We spent a little bit of time listening to this guy and then headed for something to eat.  We were really disappointed that our favorite Irish pub spot was so crowded beyond belief!  So, we decided to give this place a try...

Johnny's Olde Village Grill and Spirits.  They had a special menu just for St. Paddy's Day but by the time we arrived, they had given up on the grilled sandwiches because they were too backed up.  I immediately thought....NOT a good sign.  I settled on an average BLT and the mister and Stephan both had burgers.  Definitely not the Madra Rua food I had been looking forward to but it filled the empty spot after an hour of waiting.  They were slammed but I really don't think a restaurant should ever be able to use that as an excuse.  Plan ahead, people! 

Johnny's Old Village Grill on Urbanspoon

 We enjoyed our time in Olde Village even though our lunch was "just okay".  We headed back to the car and to Tanger Outlets to do some spring shoe shopping.  Always a reason to smile!  We finished off the day with some grilled ribs and sweet potatoes.  What an incredible Saturday!  

And, in case you are looking for something fantastic to do on this gorgeous Sunday....all of the Charleston County Parks are celebrating Customer Appreciation Day.  
"Take a leisurely seashore stroll to learn about shells, sea life, and the natural history of the beach, enjoy some free pier fishing, build a fairy house at Caw Caw, or be really daring and navigate the Challenge Course from 30 feet above the ground."
Hope this finds you enjoying a great spring-like morning with fantastic coffee and even better company.  Happy Sunday from Charleston Treasures!

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  1. Great post!! Hope you're enjoying a nice Sunday!!


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