Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg and The Kitchen Reader

Ahh, the internet.  Isn't it simply amazing what you can discover without even trying?  I can remember days spent in libraries with stacks of books.  Note taking.  Copy machines.  Note cards.  Bookmarks.  Not in the toolbar but the in-between-the-pages kind of bookmarks.....

One of the very first blogs that I discovered years ago was Orangette written by Molly Wizenberg.  I would check back each day and wait for her next post.  The internet became something to use for pleasure and I became intrigued with blogging. 

I have always loved the idea of family dinners.  I've dreamed about living in France for years.  I've always loved to write.  And, it happened.  Somehow, I fell in love with reading everything that Molly created.  Her book, A Homemade Life~Stories and Recipes From My Kitchen Table, is the book of the month for The Kitchen Reader and was chosen by Jules at Stonesoup.

I was glad to see it on the list for February and was happy to reread this book.  Molly tells us a story in each short chapter.  We get glimpses of her life throughout the book.  Her history.  Her past.  Her future. The recipes are simply an added bonus!

I actually posted about one of my favorite recipes here.  I LOVE cabbage.  I love blogs, too.  Especially those about food.  A Homemade Life is "bloggish".  Short and sweet.  Throughout the book, the readers gain insight into what makes her tick.  She shares the experiences that have shaped her and formed her.  We learn about how her relationships have changed her and the important role that food has played in her life.

I love this paragraph....
"Dinner didn't come through a swinging door, balanced on the arm of an anonymous waiter:  it was something that we made together.  We built our family that way-in the kitchen, seven nights a week.  We built a life for ourselves, together around that table.  And although I couldn't admit it then my father showing me, in his pleasure and in his pride, how to live it:  wholly, hungrily, loudly."

It is this that I want for my own children.  My family.  Remembering our crazy nights around the kitchen table.  And, there have been many....

If you are looking to be inspired in the kitchen, pick this up.  If you are looking to be inspired in your life, read this.  Absorb it.  Cook.  Share food with those you love.  

I love this book.  I read it a few years ago and I was happy to reread it in the past few weeks for The Kitchen Reader.  You will also love her Cream-Braised Cabbage!  Happy Thursday from Charleston Treasures!


  1. I'm so glad you liked it enough to reread it and write about it for the Kitchen Reader. Family dinners growing up make such an impression - those who experienced it often mention that it was a foundation for a love of community and food. Your kids are lucky to have that childhood.

  2. When we all are together, we always have the "remember when at dinner that night" conversations. I love the fact that our six kids all have some memories of eating meals, having friends join us for dinner, the discussions that we've had and the memories we've made around the table. Food is important and it's so cool that it is also a binder for families!


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