Saturday, March 3, 2012

Madra Rua Irish Pub~Lovin' Them Both!

What?  You want to feel like you have left the country?  You want to experience Ireland or watch a futball game?  You love Shepherd's Pie and Fish and Chips and Irish Stew?  I have just the place for you.....

Madra Rua Irish Pub.  And, you have two choices.  We tried the North Charleston location a few weeks ago and we tried this one in Summerville earlier this evening.  Both are so authentic that I honestly thought maybe I was so tired that I slept through an overseas flight.....Could be interesting, right? Or, just wishful thinking.

Okay, I didn't sleep through a flight and wake up in Ireland although a quick week-end in Dublin totally floats my boat.  What I did do was spend eight hours yesterday and four hours this morning in rehearsals playing piano while 200 students from my district sang their hearts out.  Exciting?  Yep.  Exhausting?  You bet. 

A cold glass of something besides Diet Coke was definitely in order and we had yet to try out the Summerville pub location.  So....why not?  We were only a few miles away.

These two pubs are dark, full of televisions tuned to world soccer , and have great authentic food and beer selections.  The darkness is an issue for a blogger who usually snaps photos with her iPhone.  So, you will simply have to take my word for it's quaintness and greatness on the inside.  These were tonight's specials...

You can almost read that.  Gorgonzola NY Strip and Corned Beef and Cabbage along with Lobster Bisque and French Onion Soups.  What they didn't have on their sign was the appetizer of the day.  Round bits of pepper jack cheese deep fried with ranch to dip them in.  And, yes, they were as good as they sound.  YUM!  We put those away in no time.

I also had a Buffalo Chicken Salad with a side of soda bread and the mister had a Prime Rib of Beef Sandwich.   Both~outstanding.  

When we visited the North Charleston location, we were a bit more traditional.

 We tried a Madra Rua Beef Burger and an order of Fisherman's Pie.  We also shared an order of Cheese Fries.  I wish I could understand why the combination of crispy fries, cheddar, Monterey Jack and bacon are such a dreamy concoction.  One of the great mysteries of the world, I guess.

Anyway, one of the best parts of both of these restaurants is the fact that they are designed like real Irish pubs....even including the private little alcoves with a bench on the wall, two stools, and a table enclosed.  You get to feel like you are in your own private little Dublin for a while.  Cool, right?

Madra Rua Irish Pub (Summerville) on UrbanspoonMadra Rua Irish Pub (North Charleston) on UrbanspoonSometimes, we stumble upon places that are just too great to keep to ourselves.  Check out both locations and visit Ireland right here in Charleston.  You'll be glad you did and don't skip the cheese fries!  Happy Saturday from Charleston Treasures!

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