Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Good. The Bad. The Hilarious.

Every trip has its' good points and bad.  Right?  Ours do.  Always.  Sometimes, even the dorky, strange and not-worth-the-money stuff can be pretty darn hilarious.  I guess that makes it vacation?  We got good at laughing at the hilarious.  I have already posted on some things we really liked.  This ranchThis cathedralThis college campus.  Just to add to it...we also loved this place~

Mi Casa Cafe is located on St. George Street.  They serve tacos, pub food, and, one of our favorites....Blue Moon.

Indoor/outdoor seating.  Live music.  Great environment in which to relax after wandering the city for a few hours.  If you are in the area, definitely stop by Mi Casa Cafe.  We loved it!

MI Casa Cafe on Urbanspoon

What else did we really love?  Scarlett O'Hara's.  No photos on this one but that's probably a good thing.  We didn't really want to photograph ghosts while we were eating an incredible blackened salmon salad or some BBQ ribs.  Would you?  The camera was in the car but the food was great and the band was fun.  The mister took this shot with his phone.  It was the painting on the wall behind our table.

Creepy?  Just another neat place to check out!  It really does have a haunted history and right next door is Rhett's Piano Bar.  See.  I told you.  Hilarious, right?

Scarlett O'Hara's on Urbanspoon

Okay.  Now for something not-so-fun except that it was so "idiotic" that it became funny after a while.  This ghost tour.  Skip it.  You will definitely thank me on this one!

Unless you are really looking for a goofy evening, then, go for it!   But, definitely buy a three day pass with Old Town Trolley Tours...

Twenty-two trolley stops throughout the city and a three-day pass allows you to hop on and hop off any time you feel like.  We saw a lot this way.  Especially when we got tired of walking.  Cool breeze.  Shade.  An informed driver who gave some history while we rode and rested.  Great deal!  Buy the ticket.  You won't regret this one!

While we are on the subject, most definitely don't buy the pass for the St. Augustine History Museum unless you tour it as soon as you arrive.  We saved it for last and had already read the history, toured the town and seen most of it.  Our choice not the museum's fault.  By the time, we were walking through, we were definitely a bit slap happy.  This one makes me laugh every time I look at it!  My mister with his dorky hat and Trolley Tour sticker on his shirt...(insert a bit of eye-rolling here)

Okay.  I told you the not-so-good somehow became hilariously funny.  Oh well.  What can I say?  It was vacation!

Last, you will definitely want to check out the Fountain of Youth National Archaeological Park in St. Augustine.  I did drink from the spring. I didn't feel any younger.

It promised that I would relive the days of conquistadors.  I didn't.  Probably not a bad thing.  They didn't have cell service.  I did check out this life-like scene of them landing in St. Augustine, though.  The park was cool and we really loved the peacocks.  They are something to see and they just roam the grounds.

The colors are amazing.  Okay.  I only have one more post for you about St. Augustine and it involves alcohol.  Actually, large amounts of alcohol so you will definitely want to check back one more time and see what that's all about!  Happy Wednesday from Charleston Treasures!

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