Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wine~Breakfast~The End

I promised you an alcohol story.  However, this might not be what you were imagining.  The San Sebastian Winery.  It is on King Street in St. Augustine not Charleston. Weird, huh?  The building is located a few blocks from the historic section of town in the old East Coast Railway building constructed by Henry Flagler.  Oh.  You’ve heard me mention that name?  I warned you that his initials are on much of the town of St. Augustine.  

Today, San Sebastian winery is ranked as one of the top in all of Florida.  Believe me, they deserve that status.  The mister has never been a “wine drinker”, usually opting for a cold brew but I believe that he may be rethinking that one!
The interesting part for me was that visiting a winery was not really on our list of things to see or do in St. Augustine.  But as we hopped on the trolley and looked at the stops trying to decide where to go, our driver immediately mentioned that if we stayed on until the winery stop, we would be just in time for one of the last tasting sessions of the day.  Sounded good to us since we were entirely without a plan!

And, it was all free!  We toured the building, watched a video, learned more about Henry Flagler’s involvement, saw where the huge tanks were kept and checked out their gift shop.

The best part?  We got a wine-tasting lesson.  We learned the “proper” way to taste wine.  I say that in quotes because a tasting lesson struck me as a bit odd at first.  But, we actually did learn a lot.  I guess being a wine-drinker is very different from being a wine-taster!  Either way works for us, though.  This is the wine-tasting room...

It's no wonder that we walked out with several bottles of wine.  Okay.  We bought them.  We didn't actually walk out with them.  But, after sampling several bottles, we wanted to bring many of them home.  We finally settled on just a few of our favorites.   I am going to keep them in mind for those times when I need to ship a gift basket, too.  Good idea?  You're welcome.

One of my last two recommendations for St. Augustine is  Sunset Grille.  It caught our eye because....
  • We were in the mood for seafood. 
  • We didn't care to travel back into the historic part of town.
  • Our hotel owner said...."It's great!"
  • The mister wanted a free t-shirt!

Here's the strange part.  Based on all of the crazy reasons that we actually chose this place, we weren't really sure what to expect.  The food was REALLY crazy, good.  I ordered a half portion of lobster ravioli and, after two bites, immediately wished I had ordered the regular size.  It was that yummy!  And, their website is  Anything that has A1A in the address works for me. Close to the water. Sand.  Surf.  Yeeees! 

 Sunset Grille on Urbanspoon

One last place and then, I promise, back to Charleston.  This place is the bomb for breakfast!  If you ever step foot in St. Augustine, don't pass this one up!   Harbor View Cafe.  The locals call it Mary's.  This was my breakfast.  I smiled all day because of this breakfast.  A cranberry bagel loaded with cream cheese and a totally gorgeous fruit bowl.  You can't see the four extra strips of bacon that I inhaled but it was served with a smile and I was thrilled!

 It is a tiny place with maybe ten tables and they do get crazy busy but be patient.  The service is tremendous and the food is inexpensive and tasty.  I enjoyed my breakfast so much that I don't even recall what the mister ate.  Ha!  Great place.  Great view.  Great service.  I couldn't tell you how it is for lunch or dinner but they came HIGHLY recommended for breakfast and they didn't disappoint.

Harbor View Cafe on Urbanspoon

I think that actually finishes up my tales of Georgia's Horse Ranch and our St. Augustine visit.  Are you frowning because I am out of vacation stories?  Don't frown.  We just bought tickets to visit two Caribbean islands in July and are trying to plan a little European jaunt for June.  Besides, there is always Charleston!!!  Happy Thursday from Charleston Treasures!

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