Monday, May 28, 2012

Are You Ready?

Do you ever read something and immediately want to share it?  Do you reread it again just to make sure you didn't miss anything?  This post is entirely dedicated to that!  Sharing. 

Tomorrow morning, we begin our last week of school.  Summer is so close that we can taste it.  Days at the beach.  Vacations.  Traveling.  Nights on the back porch.  Laying at the pool.  Watching the clouds.  Making elaborate lunches full of farm fresh veggies.  We are SO ready.  Your eyes are closed and you are dreaming, right?  You are ready for summer, too, aren't you? The mister and I love teaching but we love our summers even more. 

Anyway, I know I probably should be posting something patriotic.  Something telling you to remember everyone who has ever done anything for which to be remembered.  We've been doing that ALL week-end.  So, now, it is time to look towards summer. 

I read the Elephant Journal daily.  Sometimes, I totally agree with the posts and sometimes not.  But, it always gives me something to think about.  Today, I read this post and had to share it with people who would get it.  People who understand how excited I am to be able to wander the streets of my favorite city....without a time schedule.  Other teachers who know what it is to try to cram just a bit more information into the minds of students who are dreaming about.....well, you read it and see for yourself.

Hope this finds you getting ready for another week.  Or, like us, the last week.  Happy Memorial Day from Charleston Treasures!  Now, go check this out!!

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