Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Schnitzel, German Beer and Andre

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind who deserves the credit for this one.  The mister was right on the money!  It was his suggestion and we are still  talking about last night's dinner this evening.

Imported beer.  Bratwurst.  Fried Potatoes. Sauerkraut.  Konigsberger Klopse und Karoffein.  I had you till that last one.  Right?  No, I don't speak German.  I had to look it up.  Meatballs and potatoes.  All at Andre's.

We have driven past this tiny restaurant for nearly two years.  Every once in a while, the mister would say....we really need to stop in there and check it out.  I would agree but we would keep driving.

Last night, we had soccer games at Cane Bay and Berkeley High and Andre's is smack in the middle of the two.  Again, I give the mister credit.

Why love at first sight?  Or bite?  Or conversation?  Because we have that tendency when Europe is involved.  We want to experience it all.  The culture.  The food.  The mindset.  I think we would move tomorrow if we could!  Maybe someday...

Andre is a German gentleman if ever I met one.  He greeted us.  Explained his menu.  Helped us decide what to order.  And then, quite charmingly said...."Now, I go cook for you."  And, off he went while we enjoyed some imported German beer.

I don't know what impressed me more.  The huge platters of food that he quickly delivered or the fact that he has this amazing personal history that he was willing to share with complete strangers.  We heard a bit about how he got to this country.  A little about Germany.  More about Africa.  How we ended up in New York City and then Moncks Corner.  How we can reserve his place to "make a party".  The mister described the food as hearty.  I agree.  All freshly made.  All "real" food.  Nothing processed.  It made me incredibly happy!  And, I wasn't kidding when I said huge platters...

Schnitzel and Green Mashed Potatoes, Red cabbage, salad, and bread

Pork and Sauerkraut, Fried Potatoes with Bread and Salad
He makes it all.  The bread was delicious and he makes and sells his bratwurst.  A return visit is definitely on our list.  And, soon.  I really want to talk to him about the bread recipe.  I used my bread to devour most of the mister's gravy on his schnitzel.  So yummy!

It's not fancy.  It's real.  It's homemade.  It has a history.  Andre's history and I love that part.  I thoroughly enjoyed sitting and finishing our drinks and hearing his tales.  I want to return for more.  It's part of the draw for us.  Traveling.  Seeing somewhere else.  Exploring.  That is what makes us tick so much of the time.  It's real.  It's Andre's and you definitely need to go and experience Germany in Moncks Corner.

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