Monday, June 4, 2012


Summer has finally arrived!  Can you hear us shouting, celebrating and being all excited?  No?  Well, that is probably because we are exhausted.  Summer seemed to jump out at us this year while we were still organizing, teaching, planning.  No big parade.  No notice.  No wild parties.  It just......arrived. All of the sudden.  It's here.  I'm not complaining just still switching gears.

So, we should be celebrating.  We made it through another year of lesson plans, performances, students, state standards, all that teacher stuff.  I do know of a place to celebrate.  EVO.  Not extra virgin olive oil minus one O.  Extra Virgin Oven.  This pizzeria is located in Park Circle, North Charleston.  Easy to find.  The perfect celebration spot with fantastic celebration food.  They have a lot to celebrate, too.  Like, a stellar reputation!
This was a first visit for me and so the radar went up.  I tuned into the menu.  Handwritten.  Why?  Because this restaurant chooses to use local ingredients from area farmers and those ingredients tend to change with the seasons.  Fresh! 
Soup.  Salad.  And, oven fired Neopolitan pizzas.  Why is it that pizzas that are cooked this way taste so much better?  They do.  Trust me.  I ordered an 8 inch Margherita pizza and added roasted garlic.  Sweet, creamy roasted garlic. YUM!  My boys enjoyed the half that I took home but it was totally great and the service was decent.

When we arrived, they were just opening and we were first in the place.  Within twenty minutes the rest of our party arrived and the place was already filling up with a lunch crowd.  No doubt, they were looking for wood-fired pizzas and craft beers.  Even many of their beers were local!
It was comforting to know that our lunches were keeping area farmers in business and the food was ultra fresh.  Tomatoes.  Lettuces.  Herbs.   They use products from several area locations:
Thackeray Farms                  Blackbird Farms         Ambrose Farm
Maple Ridge Farm                Green Grocer                Kurios Farms
Split Creek Farm                   Woodruff Farms          Sweet Teeth
EVO's Garden                          Coast Beer                    Fisher Recycling
Good to know, right?  Definitely a place to check out if you are looking for a laid back atmosphere with some great pizza.  The menu is a bit limited but plan on that ahead of time and you'll be fine.  You can also buy local art work right off the walls.  Bright colors.  Bold patterns.  I liked a lot of it!
Okay.  Maybe a few 8-hour nights of ZZZ's and the celebrations will begin.  Check out EVO and eat some pizza for all those teachers out there who are winding down the school year and transitioning into summer!  Happy Monday from Charleston Treasures!!

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