Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mediterranean Dishes Downtown

Beautiful fountain, right?  Would you like to taste the most delicious falafel pita while dining outside enjoying the breeze and listening to the water in this fountain gurgle? 

We finally had a chance to stop by Tabbuli Grill on North Market Street last week.  Mediterranean food had been calling to me for a while.  An early dinner was what we were looking for.  Relaxed atmosphere.  Outdoors.  Perfect!

Tabbuli Grill is a tiny spot in downtown Charleston.  If you blink, you just might miss it.  So, don't blink!  Go find it!  You will want to thank Chef Scott Vosburgh yourself after you finish eating.  

We had a guest with us that afternoon and we all decided on different pitas.  One beef and one lamb but I couldn't resist a falafel pita.  

Believe me when I say, it was totally delicious.  The beef and lamb were topped with caramelized onions and peppers but mine came with the cucumber and tomatoes that I love so much in Mediterranean food!  

You can see the pita is lined with a layer of their hummus, too.  Absolutely the best falafels and cool creamy vegetables.  And, of course, everyone knows how I feel about fries on the side.

It's not a huge restaurant and it's an easy one to pass by on the road.  There's some construction in the area right now but if you are looking for it, you'll find it.  The staff is abundant, helpful, timely and friendly.  This is the sort of place that people feel at home.  

Customers stay because they feel compelled to have another drink and just chat the afternoon away.  We were there for a very early dinner...the middle of the afternoon so the bar was pretty empty.  I can't say we minded having the staff's full attention.

And, who doesn't want to dine and enjoy a beautiful view in a calming atmosphere?  Try some of their interesting tapas, a Mediterranean pizza, a pita, a salad....Hungry, yet?

I just checked out the weather forecast for the next several days.  Hot.  Humid.  Cool drinks and great food will definitely be needed.  You know where to find all of that, right?  

Stop by Tabbuli Grill and enjoy the Lowcountry weather!  Happy Wednesday from Charleston Treasures....we'll look for you on the beach today!

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