Friday, June 29, 2012

This Heat Calls for Gelato!

"Satan called.  He wants his weather back."  Make you laugh?  Me, too. I just read that on Facebook.  But, are you believing our weather?  It's like 143 degrees in the shade.  Okay, it's not really but it is definitely HOT!  I checked the news website an hour ago and it looked something like this... 


I'm not complaining.  Really, I'm not.  I like the heat.  This is a bit extreme but I'm still not complaining.  We live too close to the beach and the water parks and the pool to mind a heat wave.  And, it gives us a superb reason to eat more gelato.  Yum!  

We have recently started a new gelato trend in our household.  At this place...

Belgian Gelato on Vendue Range~ a short walk from Waterfront Park.  The park is the absolute perfect "eating gelato" spot, too.  We made this declaration last night at 10:00 as we finished up our sweet treats on a bench enjoying the night air.

Gelato is similar to ice cream but the texture is much creamier and it's richer.  A single scoop goes a long way!  And, to make it even better, the inside of the sugar cone is filled with melted chocolate, left to harden, and then filled with whipped cream.  Then, the ice cream goes into the cone next.  Sound like the perfect sweet treat?  They have more flavors than I care to count and they are each made daily.

We took my Mom here a few weeks back when she was visiting and she agreed.  Belgian Gelato is the perfect Lowcountry summer treat and the service is quick and pleasant.  I always have a sugar cone with some sort of mint and chocolate and the mister always orders his in a cup.  Him?  Always whipped cream.  Me?  Never.  We are such creatures of habit.

So, if you are wandering the streets (and, I'm not sure that is truly the best idea in this heat) and you are ready for a treat that is cool and rich and creamy and know where to go.  Hope you are staying cool and gearing up for a great week-end~ Happy Friday from Charleston Treasures!

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  1. Wow, that is really hot. Is it dry? That can make it more bearable... Although gelato also makes it more bearable!

  2. Not dry....humidity levels are 70-80% Today, the weather channel is calling for 98 degrees with a heat index of 115! Air condition and ocean breezes are definitely needed ;)


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