Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Return to Seasonal Eating...

It's not a vegetarian restaurant.  It's not vegan.  It's definitely eclectic and it's absolutely delicious!  I think that about sums it up.  We stopped in for a quick lunch and are entirely ready to return to this Upper King Street eatery.  Butcher and Bee. 

When one takes local farms, adds fresh ingredients and stirs in a ton of creativity, well, the answer is Butcher and Bee.  The menu above sort of sums it up.  Hand written, in chalk, on the wall.  Why?  Because it changes daily.  What this restaurant serves depends on what the farmers produce.  Don't you love it?  Our country is returning to a previous way of eating.  Seasonal.  Healthy.  Fresh.  And, Charleston is definitely leading the way!

We had a busy day ahead of us.  We were house exploring.  I know.  We tend to go slightly nutty over discovering every little bit of excitement that Charleston has to offer but we were in a bit of a hurry.  And, we wanted to try some place new. Butcher and Bee fit the bill.  Sandwiches.  Quick service.  Fresh and healthy.  And, a cool interior.  Besides the black board menus, the walls were decorated with cabinets containing.....honey? Pickled vegetables, maybe?  Cool.

Life is always an adventure and nothing proves that more than seasonal eating.  Well, except for the adventure of a community table.  I admit I was hesitant...

I was prepared for that, though, and they weren't super busy so we weren't elbow to elbow with other lunch customers but it was still different.  Unique in a good way.  A family setting.  We liked it.  What did we eat?  The mister had a Smoked Brisket Sandwich topped with blue cheese slaw, hold the pickled jalapenos.  Notice there is not a photo?  My meat-eating mister was quite happy, quite quickly!

I, however, did take a quick photo of my lunch.  A BLT.  Sounds pretty normal, right?  Let me tell you...Do you actually know what a local, fresh tomato that has been slow roasted tastes like?  Sweetness.  Totally, outrageously, delicious.  I don't think that I knew a tomato could taste like that!  And, of course, the bacon was delectable.  And, that is saying something, if you understand my bacon-fettish.  And, who can resist fresh pickles?

We really enjoyed a delicious lunch at Butcher and Bee.  I survived the lack of personal space at the family table and we learned that they post their menus, specials and upcoming events all over Twitter and Facebook which is great to know.  

I should add that tomorrow that are planning something yummy..."Lettuce Turnip the Beat".  Cute, right?  They plan on serving 8-10 options, appetizers through desserts.  You pick three courses or choose them a la carte and sit back and listen to Alex Rossen play some tunes.  A great vegan/vegetarian event in Charleston beginning at 5:30 tomorrow.  We just might be there!

Hope you are planning a great day~I'm off to the dentist.  Happy Tuesday from Charleston Treasures!!

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