Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Definitely Try the Gorgonzola Fondue at Eli's Table!!

We are back.  Well, we are for the next two days and then, we are off again.  We spent some time traipsing through the streets of Boston and returned for a few quiet days.  Then, we unexpectedly spent a week in West Virginia helping the in-laws through some legal work.  We came home to unpack, give the cat some much-needed attention, mow the grass, pick up and drop off some kids, pay some bills and repack. 

Where next?  Seven of the eight of us are boarding a cruise ship in a few days.  Cruising is not my first choice for an adventure vacation.  It always feel a bit confining to me but when you find a great deal....well, sometimes, that becomes the adventure.  And, I must say that traveling with four teenagers and a twenty year old is going to be an adventure.

I also have to say that the cost of feeding four boys this age is astronomical! So, the all-inclusive cruise ship may have been a very wise choice.  Two island hopping days and one day on ship at sea will be exciting and we are really looking forward to some family time.  Although, the kiddos are now questioning this decision as they are realizing that the cell phones will go off as we leave port.  They will survive.  It's me I'm worried about!?!

 Anyway, in between our jaunts, we made an impromptu trip downtown to hear some friends of ours play at Eli's Table.  I snapped this one as soon as we sat down.  He looks a bit intense.  No?

Eli's Table is located on Meeting Street and I have to say, it does not stand out as you pass by.  I also have to say that we are SO very lucky to have discovered it!

We went to watch these guys.

The Gino Castillo Jazz Quartet.  Wow!  My mister didn't move for the entire set.  These are some very talented musicians and we are always up for some Afro-Cuban jazz.  They play this gig every Thursday evening beginning at 7.

We decided to make a night of it nearly two weeks ago.  We had really missed roaming the Charleston streets while we were in Boston and had a plan.  Appetizers at Eli's while we listened to some great musicians.  Dinner somewhere else.  And, then, dessert at a third spot.

Sounds like the perfect plan, right?  It was.  Until we ordered this...

I don't believe I can accurately describe the deliciousness of this one.  A Gorgonzola Cheese fondue platter.  Totally the best appetizer ever!  Served with tart apple slices, crispy thick cut bacon, grilled crostini, and some fried potato wedges with sea salt.  It comes to mind every once in a while and I have to lick my lips.  Melty gorgonzola wth bacon??  Well, now.  There you have it.  After this was delivered to our table, I honestly didn't feel like sharing an appetizer anymore.  It was that good.

We also ordered a Jumbo Lump Crab Cake.  I usually like crab cakes but the I didn't like the red pepper coulis.  See?  It all works out in the end.  The mister adored the crab cake and finished it while I worked my way through the fondue and a glass of white wine.

Needless to say, by the time we finished with these appetizers, we weren't heading anywhere for an actual dinner.  We finished listening to Gino's set and thoroughly enjoyed the patio.  What a great little nook with a laid-back atmosphere.  Too bad that one of the nearby residents felt their tunes were a bit too loud.  Sad face.  They definitely weren't but, oh well.  That's city living.

We left Eli's Table happy and relaxed.  The food was spectacular and the music was great.  We will definitely head back soon for a full-fledged dinner.  They have a vegan and vegetarian section in their menu which is enough to make me return.  They also have some gluten-free options.  I can't speak for the entire menu but what we ordered was great!   I just hope the atmosphere is as great during our next visit.

We ended our evening with a long stroll through the French Quarter and down by the water front.  Of course, we can't be in that area without stopping for some cones full of Belgian Gelato.  I mentioned that this place was quickly becoming an addiction, right? 

What a great evening!  I count my blessings often.  If you are in search of a super evening, great patio dining, delicious food....try Eli's Table on Meeting Street!  I'm off to repack the suitcase...as soon as I can convince the cat to sleep somewhere else! Happy Tuesday from Charleston Treasures!

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