Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our Much-Needed Friday Evening Out...

Friday nights in the Lowcountry offer so many opportunities for friends and fun!  Sometimes, after long, difficult weeks, the answer is most definitely a relaxed evening with old friends.  That was our choice for last night.  Truthfully, we didn't care where we went.  We just wanted to go.  Shower.  Dress.  Head somewhere to have some cold drinks, enjoy the salty air and catch up.  Our friend, Doug, had the perfect suggestion for last night and the evening was on...

Water's Edge on Shem Creek.  We wanted a place on the water.  We wanted to enjoy salty breezes, cold beers and good friends.  This place was the perfect idea.  Shem Creek is a great area on the water.  Lots going on while you check out the boats, the boaters, the kayakers.  It's fun and RELAXED!  And, we were outside so the bar food menu was on our list.

Buffalo Shrimp and Shrimp Crostini
Ribs with Cole Slaw and Shrimp Dip

All bar food is half price during Happy Hour.  Our evening was an incredibly cheap one but the food was good and the company was great!  We did check out the dinner menu and it looks like a place we will return.  We even had some "chat" time with an employee who was filling us in on the history of the place.  

Sometimes, you have to take the time to unplug and destress.  That was our evening last night and it was definitely needed.  But, after we had finished eating, the sky began to look know how those Lowcountry storms can roll in.  We paid our bills and decided to take a quick walk over to Shem Creek Park.  It's a boardwalk through the marshes. And, the entrance had some interesting art work created from stuff discovered in the marshes. Kinda cool!  But, stop littering!

Water's Edge on UrbanspoonMenchies Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon 

We didn't want the evening to end.  And, it really was still early.  The storm had decided to pass over us so we decided to search for some dessert.  Initially, we talked about this place and this place but eventually, Michelle had the great idea for this place....

You can't quite see the name of this place.  It's Menchie's!!  I think I am in love and I can't wait to take my boys there when they get back.  They sell frozen yogurt.  You pick up a cup.  Serve yourself.  Fill it with any kind of frozen yogurt.  Add your toppings from a huge selection:  chocolate, candies, nuts, fruits, sauces.  They charge by weight which means you really shouldn't take a taste before you check out (clearing my throat at the mister!).  Fun!

Yep!  That is my conglomeration.  Chocolate Hazelnut fro-yo mixed with some vanilla and topped with chocolate nonpareils with sprinkles and a bit of chocolate sauce.  I LOVE sprinkles. 

This place made me smile.  Hot pink and lime green.  Definitely a kiddo-friendly atmosphere but so fun.  Kuddos to Michelle for this great idea.  What we do without these Lowcountry friends?  

Gratitude finds me again this morning as I try to decide which farmers market to hit up.  Our life in the Lowcountry is full and happy and absolutely the change we were looking for when we left West Virginia years ago.  These Friday nights are part of the reason.  Fun places to check out.  Friends.  New adventures constantly!

Hope you are enjoying a great week-end.  Happy Saturday from Charleston Treasures!!  Now, get out there and find some new adventures....

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