Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good Bye, Summer...

It's gone.  Summer, I mean.  Today was the first day back for teachers.  It was exciting.  I enjoyed seeing friends, putting my classroom back together, chatting, meeting our new teachers.  But, then......

It dawned on me mid-way through the day that another summer has truly come and gone.  I panicked for a split second and reminded myself to breath.  Age.  Time passing.  Another summer gone.  Yes, we had our difficult moments dealing with one difficult sixteen year old but we also had so many wonderful moments.  

I started thinking about our June, July and August and my brain starting envisioning snap shots. Mostly of the past two weeks.  The final days of our summer....

This photo does NOT do it justice but we saw the most gorgeous sunset crossing the bridge from Sullivan's Island after the rain had stopped.  It was a split second.  In the time it took to grab my phone, the huge ball of fire fell quickly below the horizon.  It was an amazing moment.  I think I held my breath until it was out of sight.

I also enjoyed a solo lunch at this place.  One of my all-time favorites.  A steaming bowl of vegetarian black bean soup, some brie, a few slices of a fresh baguette and a glass of house white wine.  I wiled away 90 minutes.  Alone.  Listening to people chatter.  Watching the rain.  Devouring the smells of Paris in downtown Charleston.  

Gaulart & Maliclet Fast & French Inc. French Cafe on Urbanspoon

I also spent many hours trying hard to wear out these running shoes.  I haven't been successful, yet, but I love evening walks and runs outside.

 We spent some afternoons on the beach doing what families do.  Walking.  Searching for shells and sand dollars.  Catching waves.  Riding boogie boards.  And, feeding our mayonnaise slathered, no-longer-edible, sandwiches to the seagulls.  We created quite the stir with that one.

We spent some time around the Battery watching some sailing lessons.  It was pretty non-interesting until the wind picked up and they started tipping over.

We also took part in the most incredible Jazz Vesper Service at  the Circular Congregational Church this past week-end.  It featured Robert Lewis on soprano saxophone, Jill Trehaar Lewis on vocals and Gerald Gregory on keyboard.  We felt incredibly blessed to witness so many talented musicians sharing their gifts last Sunday evening in Charleston.  Truly God-given talents.

We also stopped at Toast for a late dinner.  I have to give a huge shout-out to the staff who were gracious when we complained about an extremely loud and obnoxious European family who could not control their children.  I rarely complain in a restaurant but the mister is getting old and his hearing is going and he can't hear when there isn't a lot of commotion!!  Kind of joking. Kind of NOT.  I also had an incredible crab cake sandwich~probably the best one I've had in a long time.  Thanks, Toast, and we will be back Sunday after church for brunch!

Toast on Urbanspoon
So, yes, summer is coming to an end and we are looking forward to late-night dinners on the back porch without the melting heat.  We are excited about football games and cross country meets.  We are ready for soccer tournaments and walks on the beach in comfortable, cool weather.  Fall weather.  Autumn in Lowcountry is an incredible time and we are ready.  

I am smiling on the inside and out.  My mister and boys are all out for the evening and I just finished some dark chocolate for dinner and am heading to the kitchen to bake cookies and pumpkin bread and.....uh, are you laughing?  Be honest.  When you don't have to cook for people and you are home alone, sometimes you eat chocolate for dinner, too, right?

Anyway, I leave you with a photo.  One that I took right before a huge rain storm.  One that reminds me of a higher power at work in my life.  A picture that is , at a glance, going to bring me back to summer but only occasionally.  I want to enjoy autumn.  I want to be present, mindful.  Happy Tuesday from Charleston Treasures!

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  1. I think I want summer to linger a big longer. But I am looking forward to the cooler days of Fall here in the Lowcountry. The temps are so so so much more tolerable then!Beach walks are more enjoyable and dont involve so much sweat or bugs!!


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