Sunday, September 9, 2012

Black Bean Co. and The Dirty Life....All in One Post!

The week-end began and I had such grand plans for our few non-school days.  So many things we wanted to do and then, the plan abruptly changed.  The mister had to make some last minute travel arrangements and head back to West Virginia to help his 93 year-old Dad deal with some legal issues.  Bummer for us and them.  Never be a landlord!  But, I have actually had a pretty relaxing week-end.  Much needed, too!

Yesterday involved a wonderful trip to the Charleston Farmers Market.  We could certainly tell that the summer season is nearing the end.  Sad.  We picked up some turnips and eggplant and some poblano peppers that are going to be stuffed with quinoa and cheese for tomorrow's dinner.  We also decided to try some local goat cheese.  I will definitely get back to you on that! 

After our shopping trip, the mister was on and off the phone making travel arrangements and we needed lunch.  Unfortunately or fortunately, I missed an exit and we ended up on our way to James Island.  Black Bean Co. is on the road to James Island.  I had only been to the Spring Street restaurant and had yet to try the James Island or Mount Pleasant locations.  No time like the present!

Some places just make me smile.  This is definitely one of them!  Okay.  It does say energy food restaurant and I always have found that a bit odd but the food is so delicious.  I believe that I could have sweet dreams about this place.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, vegan, vegetarian or neither.  It should please just about everyone!  And, their prices are great.

I ordered...and, I laughed at the name, a Green Beach Burrito.  Are you smirking?  They advertise it as an energy booster.  It is created with black beans, jasmine rice, mixed greens, tofu ricotta, mango salsa, fresh guacamole,  and roasted tomatoes.  It was as great as it sounds and the pasta salad is to die for.  Vinegar based and fantastic!

The mister was not a happy camper to be eating in a mainly vegetarian, health-conscious place.  He is coming around to healthy, fresh, eating but it is really still a work in progress.  He ordered a Gouda Baby with chicken, sprouts, gouda cheese, roasted red peppers, arugula, basil oil and some Dijon mustard.  He doesn't usually do spicy so, I was surprised as he ordered.  Well, I should have been surprised.  He hadn't really read the menu and ordered it with everything?!?  We live and learn and my kiddo finished it after the ACT.  I thought it looked great minus the chicken.

Speaking of chicken or meat in general, I can honestly say I don't miss eating meat.  Our household does at times but only some of us.  Vegetarianism is agreeing with me entirely.  We are eating so few processed items and our veggie and fruit intake has skyrocketed!  No complaints.  Just looser pants and definitely more energy!

I'll end this post by sharing with you the book I finished today.  I picked it up in my favorite bookstore last week-end.  I was hoping for some downtime while we were out of town to chill with a good book.  Didn't quite happen last week-end but I spent today reading and finished it this evening. The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball.

All I can say is "Wow".  Kristin is a college-educated, city girl who is also a travel writer and a journalist.  She meets the farmer, Mark, while getting a story and the rest is history.  It is the amazing tale of her first year farming.  I was stunned and intrigued all at once.  How often do we take our farmers for granted?  How do we think all of those bounteous veggies and fruits show up at the farmers markets all over the area?  I truly had no idea what it took to make that all happen.  If you are even remotely interested in learning what farm life is all about, give this a quick read.  Really enjoyable!

Well, folks, it is that time.  Sunday evening.  The laundry is caught up.  The dishwasher is loaded.  The lunches are nearly packed and the coffee pot is ready for the 4:30 am alarm.  UGH! 

I've done some farmers market shopping, had a super-healthy lunch, spent some time reading, walking and totally relaxing and now, it's time to say good-bye to another week-end.  Have a great week and Happy Sunday evening from Charleston Treasures!

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