Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rue de Jean, Unchained Tour and Barsa~All in One Night!

We had such an interesting evening last night that I wanted to share it with you right away!  We finished our school week and we were definitely ready for something different.  Okay, I only say that because I made the reservation and this group was absolutely unique.  Unique in the way that we were still discussing their "uniqueness" over some tiny plates and drinks afterwards.  In fact, we talked about them the entire way home. 

Our evening began at Rue de Jean.  Think Paris and you're there.  We love this place.  It's one of those few places that we return often.  The atmosphere gets us every time and transports us back to Paris and you all know how I feel about France.  It's beautiful and authentic.

We chatted over wine and beer and totally unwound.  So glad to have the week-end finally upon us!  After drinks by Rue's great waitstaff, we crossed the street and found ourselves smack in the middle of the most eclectic crowd.  Young and old.  Hippies and not.  Tattooed and pierced.  Well-dressed and stylish and not so much.  Such an interesting group!  I really wasn't sure at that point what I had gotten us into.  

Their bus (pictured above) was one-of-a-kind.  Totally covered in art work and speeches and pictures.  The mister was tall enough to check out the futons and bed frames and living-like quarters inside.  Unchained.

Several of our first choice activities were sold out last night and as I was searching events, I came across the Unchained Tour.  I admit the picture of their tour bus caught my eye.  They tout themselves as raconteurs.  Ever heard that word?  I actually had to look it up.  Storytellers.  Some are musicians but basically they are storytellers from Savannah and New York and they gather, get on a bus, and travel for a few weeks sharing their stories with audiences in North and South Carolina and last night they were at the Charleston Music Hall.

I have to say that I totally understand the premise.  We spend a ton of time looking at screens and interacting with our cell phones instead of those around us.  They asked us to stop looking at our devices and "let their stories wash over us".  Literally.  Figuratively as well, I guess.  Listen we did.

No photos or flash was allowed during the show so I can't share that part with you but I was too busy listening anyway.  You must imagine the most eclectic, unique individuals you have ever met telling you the most bizarre, sometimes intimate, stories of their lives.  Some were better than others but they were each memorable in some way.  We also had the....I was going to say privilege but I really don't believe that is the correct word.  We observed Edgar Oliver in action on stage. Maybe it was a privilege.  It was certainly memorable!

Look him up and check out this video.  You won't forget him.  I  believe I will hear him in my head for years!!  Check him out...

These raconteurs have jobs.  Real jobs.  They are not professional storytellers.  They are artists, musicians, playwrights, poets, authors, humorists, and performance artists.  But, last night, they were simply storytellers.  

If you have the chance and they come to Charleston again, you really should go.  Just for the unique experience of sitting in a theatre full of people and listening to stories.  Memorable evening...

We ended our night at Barsa.  Barsa has been on my list of places to visit for a while and we kept missing it.  It's a tapas bar.  Spanish food.  Small plates.  Neat atmosphere.  We didn't arrive until nearly 11:00 but people eating, drinking, relaxing and shaking off the work week. 

Our after-the-show snacks included some Patatas Brava, heirloom potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce, a cheese platter and some Garlic Grilled Shrimp.  All unique flavors.  Tapas are the way to go when you just need a few bites to go along with your icy cold beer.

If you have the time, stop by on a Sunday evening.  Our friend, Gino Castillo, plays at Barsa with his Cuban Jazz Quartet.  Fun stuff.  Barsa is located on Upper King.  Not the greatest part of King so be careful where you park.  You know me and the dark!

We had a great evening.  An interesting one.  The memorable kind for the books.  I hope this Saturday morning finds you making a reservation for this evening or cooking up a healthy breakfast or sleeping late or drinking coffee in your pj's.  We are taking it slow today.  Enjoy!  Happy Saturday from Charleston Treasures!

Barsa Tapas on Urban spoon

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