Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Muse and Fascination 2013

Yes.  Charleston Restaurant Week has come and gone.  Sigh.  That is the sad news.  The great news is that we had reservations for Saturday evening at Muse to fully enjoy a great end to Restaurant Week.  Yeah, us!

Muse Restaurant and Wine Bar is on Society Street and talk about unique.  The entire old house is under the Proprietorship of Beth Anne Crane.  Normally, that isn't the type of information I would find interesting but she has a unique history that dates back to her time in Italy.  Inspired by the Villa of Mysteries in Pompeii, she chose this old house on Society Street to become her "Muse".  Okay, enough history but it is such a neat location.  Truly inspired!

The entire upstairs is restaurant seating and the downstairs has a bar-like atmosphere.  Neat little alcoves.  Lots of privacy.  Character.   Definitely a great Valentine's Day spot for all you early planners out there!  The nearby white grand piano took up most of our little dining spot.

Neither one of could resist the Potato, Leek and Mushroom soup topped with Paprika Oil.  This soup was creamy and smooth, weightless and so delicious!

We were both hungry and there was little discussion until both of our bowls were entirely empty. 

The mister ordered Braised Duck with gnudi and roasted, winter vegetables and I had Polenta Cakes served with a Mushroom Ragu, Basil Pesto and Pecorino.  All of which was fantastic.  And, I don't usually go for dessert but it was Restaurant Week and it was included.  No pictures because by dessert our little nook was getting a bit dark.  We shared a Creme Fraiche Cake with Lemoncello Sorbet, Lime Coulis and Brown Butter Crumble and Chocolate and Orange Mousse served with candied oranges. Delightful and delicious!

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We really enjoyed Muse and would recommend it to anyone looking for great food in a unique, cozy atmosphere!  We ended our evening by watching Fascinations: A Multidisciplinary Arts Performance.  Sounds fascinating, right?  It was a great program put on by the Youth Orchestra of the Low Country, the Robert Ivey Ballet and many local, talented artists.  What a great combination!  I'll remind you next year, so you can get tickets.

Hope this finds you staying warm and cozy even in our chilly, Charleston weather.  Happy Wednesday from Charleston Treasures!

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