Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sesame Burgers and Beer

Friday evening.  School week over.  Time to relax.  Sesame Burgers and Beer.  This place has been on my radar for a while now.  In fact, we have even headed to Park Circle twice with the intention of eating here.  Both times the line was way out of the door.  If you read my blog, you've heard that we don't do standing in line very well at dinner time.  That probably stems from my short stack of patience and the fact that a growling tummy makes me a bit anxious!

We've had quite the week.  We had to make the difficult decision to place my in-laws in a personal care home.  Tough stuff.  For a while, we pondered bringing them to live with us but at 90 and 94, they require medical watching and we just aren't equipped.  Needless to say, the mister needed a burger and a beer!

There are three locations:  Park Circle, Mount Pleasant and West Ashley at the Citadel Mall.  We enjoyed our dinner last night at the Park Circle location and one word comes to mind:  Atmosphere!  We felt like we were among friends.  It's cozy and friendly and busy!  In fact, we were with friends.  As we were walking in, some fellow teachers and musicians were walking out.  And, it's kid friendly which helps if you often eat with young people.

Our dinner started with some FRIED PICKLES with a side of spicy housemade ranch and some hushpuppies made with red peppers and corn and a side of honey butter.  Yes, I was actually shouting about fried pickles.  I absolutely love them.  Tart and crispy and hot.  Yum!

This place works for our family.  All of the burgers can be prepared with beef, black beans, chicken or turkey.  Cool, right?  Choose your toppings.  Choose your cheeses.  Smile.

The mister ordered a "Down South" beef burger.  It came with American cheese, caramelized onions, and bacon and a side of onion rings.  He was beginning to unwind and his Mama's Little Yella Pils helped, too!

Stephan created his own concoction with a beef burger topped with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and some jalapenos and some Parmesan topped sweet potato fries.  It's amazing how quickly he consumes food these days!

I ordered an Arizona black bean burger topped with sauteed zucchini and pepper jack cheese with some fries and house made ranch.  I managed half.  It was huge!  Aaron, who was out to dinner with his girlfriend's family, had the other half of mine for his midnight snack.

Your mouth should be watering by now.  Right?  But, here is the best part about Sesame....

Anti-biotic free, South Carolina raised chicken and turkey, hormone-free and pasture-raised beef, and local produce and beers. I love it!  The more we know, the more we question where our food comes from, the better we are eating.

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I hope you have time this week-end to give Sesame Burgers and Beer a try.  We finally made it and we will absolutely be returning.  For today?  Some house-cleaning, some class work, a rehearsal and some grocery shopping.

Happy Saturday from Charleston Treasures!!


  1. I'm in Hanahan so this in one of my favorite places too. When you do IMAX, a stop at that Sesame is always part of the night. The beer part of the name is apt also.

  2. I teach in Hanahan and if my work days ended later, I think this place would become part of my evening routine! Enjoyed it!


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