Monday, February 25, 2013

The Name Is Everywhere! Hominy Grill

Okay.  They like their name.  They really like it.  But, I give up.  How many places can a restaurant owner advertise the name of the restaurant?  Let us count the ways....

On the Restaurant Wall

On the Side of the Building
On the Front Door
On the Tile Floor

I guess by now you have figured out what this blog post is all about, right?  I probably don't even need to tell you.  You got it the first four times.  Hominy Grill is on Rutledge Avenue and definitely deserves a spot on your "to visit" list.

Last Sunday, before we toured the Aiken-Rhett House, we stopped by here for brunch.  Why?  Because the mister googled  "Best Brunch Restaurants in Charleston" and Hominy Grill happens to be ranked first.  Well-deserved title, too!

We did have about a thirty minute wait which made me growl just a bit but I was patient because I was listening to the people around us chat and knew we were in for a treat.  I did feel sorry for the hostess whose spot outside didn't appeal.  It was darn chilly!  Even with the outdoor heaters, it was cool for this time of year...

However, once we were inside and seated, all was well and busy and bustling and.....delicious!  The mister ordered lunch.  A BBQ chicken sandwich with slaw which he switched to potato salad.

And, I ordered Huevos Rancheros~poached eggs with black beans, rice, tortillas and salsa and topped with avocados.  Totally scrumptious and filling!  I think I skipped food the rest of the day. 

I also tried a mixed drink made with some Negroni and Cheer Wine.  I was really expecting something along the lines of a Slow Gin Fizz...but, not quite and pretty strong.  I think I'll just stick to wine. 

The service was fantastic even though they were crazy busy and extremely friendly!  We are looking for some time to return and give their dinner menus a try.  This one should be on the top of of your list!

Hominy Grill on Urbanspoon

Hope you are into a great week!  I'm busy getting kiddos ready for All-County Chorus later in the week and heading to Myrtle Beach in less than 48 hours to pick up my Mom who is returning from Califorina.  YEAH!  Happy Tuesday from Charleston Treasures and stay warm and stay dry.....darn, crazy weather!?!

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  1. The place certainly is popular with both natives and tourist. Can't tell you how many times I've been to go here, which we did last year when we visited.


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