Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sweet Cece's~ Definitely a Sweet Treat!

I just could not get Stephan to hold still long enough for a good shot!  He was ready to inhale this cup of....well, as a nutrition student, I am with holding judgement.  But, basically, it is thin mint cookie chocolate frozen yogurt topped with bubble gum, walnuts, chocolate chips and sprinkles.  I think the walnuts were an after-thought as he was looking for a semi-nutritious option?  Love this kiddo!

We were strolling the streets of Charleston and decided that it was definitely time for a sweet treat stop and we were directly in front of Sweet CeCe's on Market Street.  Have you been there?  It was our first time and I honestly think Stephan is in love.  I'll take frozen yogurt over teen-age girls anyday!!

You pick up a cup and stare for several long minutes at the wall trying to decide your combination of frozen yogurts and the choices are many...

That was the easy part.  Then, you must decide what to toppings to use.  Bigger challenge as there are even more choices...

Not sure why the Mister is looking a tad grumpy in that shot.  I think there were both ready to use their spoons instead of waiting on me to use my camera!  On the wall behind my guys are MORE toppings.  Cylinders that extend all the way to the ceiling filled with candy, gummies, chocolate chips...If you can think of it, it is probably available.

It's a quaint little shop decorated in those Charleston "Rainbow Row" pastels and a great stopping point when you are in need of some rest and a sweet treat.  A very sweet treat!!

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Now, get off your computer and start making those week-end plans.  There are so many incredible things going on this week-end, it is difficult to choose.  Isn't it?  Happy Wednesday from Charleston Treasures!

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  1. A sweet photo of your sweethearts. Looks like a decadent place!


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