Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Barbara Jean's Restaurant and Bar

Interestingly enough, there really is a Barbara Jean and she did open her first restaurant on St. Simon's Island, Georgia in 1998.  How?  It's apparently a long story.  She was a German-Irish girl born in Brooklyn and eventually, became a dietician and married her high-school sweetheart, Jim.

He joined the Marine Corps and soon he was gone to Vietnam.  She waited and waited some more.  They had kids.  She followed him all over the world for his career and when he finally retired, you guessed it!  It was her turn for a career.

She opened her restaurant and then, opened a few more....Throughout Georgia, Florida and yep, Charleston, SC.  Easy Southern Dining.  That is an apt description.  They specialize in seafood and home-style cooking made from scratch.  That part definitely appealed to the nutritionist in me!

The food was filling and "real".  The service was good and the prices were average.  We stopped in one day for a quick lunch as we were running some errands downtown.  This was a new spot for Charleston Treasures.

Barbara Jean's is located on South Market Street~the white building with the maroon awning.  You won't miss it.  There were three of us that day and we were definitely pretty average in the ordering department:  a cheeseburger, a grilled chicken sandwich and a grilled cheese sandwich.  All served with a side of fries and a glass of sweet tea!

Not gourmet.  Not exceptional.  Not out-of-this-world fantastic.  But, real food served quickly with a friendly smile.  Some days, that's all you need!

Hope this finds you making your way through a fantastic week.  You are half-way there!  Happy Wednesday from Charleston Treasures!!

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