Monday, July 15, 2013

Rutledge Cab Co. ~We LOVE it!!

It's summer in Charleston and the window boxes are in full bloom, lush and beautiful!  Charleston is bustling and so are we!  I'm definitely NOT complaining.  You know how it is when you can begin to see a plan falling into place.  Total excitement!

Our summer has been full of traveling and house hunting and planning for the future.  Sounds exciting, right?  During our many afternoons of checking out houses and streets and locations, we wandered into this place for some lunch...

Rutledge Cab Company.  Obviously, located on Rutledge Ave and what a great lunch we had!  The mister had a shaved turkey sandwich with pepper-jelly mustard, sprouts, bacon, tomato, swiss cheese and avocado.  Delicious sounding, right?  And, you really need to try their pickled vegetables...

I had an order of blackened fish tacos topped with peach chutney, shredded cabbage and cilantro spicy mayo and a side order of fries with some pickled veggies...

We like this place.  We like the atmosphere, the food and we like the neighborhood.  It has a friendly feel to it.  Comfortable.

I would definitely encourage you to stop by.  The patio dining is a great afternoon spot for a glass of wine or a cold beer and a long, leisurely chat.  They serve breakfast all day, pizzas, grilled burgers, salads and they have an extensive wine list.  Some can't ask for anything more!

This week marks the middle of summer.  July 15th.  Wow is all I can muster.  I want to yell stop!  Wait for us!  But, it won't help.  We are on a fast track and really don't want to slow down.  My college courses are going great.  The mister is loving his tour guide job downtown.  Kids have jobs, are visiting, borrowing the cars, heading to the beach, running around with friends, going to camp....

You know how it is.  I know you know.  Keep smiling!  Enjoy the second half of summer.  Make this week a fantastic one!  We will continue to fly by the seat of our pants and if you look real hard, you may seeing us downtown doing what we do best....wandering the streets and loving Charleston!!

Happy Monday from Charleston Treasures!!


  1. This is my old neighborhood. I remember when this was an Exxon station, then a neighborhood convenience shop/cab stand. I love lunch there.

  2. Charleston is a beautiful cit. In summer it looks very beautiful.


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