Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Old Towne Grill and Seafood

I kind of thought that you might need some proof...that we are actually still living.  This is us just a few weeks ago hanging out on Sullivan's Island.  Yep.  We're still here but my, oh my, has it been a crazy summer!

We had a car wreck that would have been minor except the other person involved was on a moped without a helmet.  I won't even get started about how dangerous those little things are!  We have traveled some, attended a family reunion, moved college kids in and out of apartments, house hunted, studied for classes, began the creation of two new careers (still works in progress) and had a normal, family, summer kind of month!?!  You know I am smirking as I type that, right?  We never do anything the normal way but, it's been good.

And, as of Monday morning, school began!  This was our family in 2001 on the first day of school.  Aren't they all a bunch of babies?  Now, they are 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, and 15!?!  (And, I am still taking first day of school pictures)

What a strange feeling for the school year to begin and I have no classroom.  No music room.  No kiddos.  The great part is that a corner of my bedroom has become my own personal classroom.  I have studied every holistic nutrition topic known to man...and a few that apparently remain unknown.  Just kidding!  But, studying has been a huge part of the past month.

And, of course, there has been food.  You didn't think I could come back after a month away and leave out food, did you?  I have some great meals to share with you but, first, this one...

It's a very unassuming restaurant on King Street.  In fact, we have passed by many days and never even noticed it until just recently.  I LOVE Greek food and didn't realize what this little place was cooking up. 

You feel like you have entered into a tiny, Greek fishing village...with abundant food and a super friendly staff.

Our meals both began with a soup and salad.  Notice I didn't say OR.  Both.  By the time I finished a Greek salad and a bowl of soup, I was full...

We just really enjoyed this place.  It wasn't a hustle and bustle.  No rush.  No worries.  Sounds great, right?  I ordered a Filafel Pita topped with lettuce, tomato and tahini with some steamed fresh veggies and the Mister ordered a seafood platter.

So, you need to stop by and check them out~229 King Street.  Or, better yet, stop by and then spend an hour walking the beach on Sullivan's Island.  It has truly become one of our favorite hang-outs this summer.  We haven't had a whole lot of quiet, hang-out time but, this place is our number one.

So glad to be back to Charleston Treasures and so glad you have waited for our return.  I do have some interesting changes for this blog coming soon.  I hope you will keep checking back through the next month or so while I get some new ideas up and running.  But, for now, enjoy these last few summery days because before we know it, fall will be here.  And, with fall comes football season and marching band and......well, you get the idea.

Have a great Wednesday and start making plans for a fantastic week-end! 

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