Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tours, Juice Workshops, Dell'z Deli and My Goofy Guys

There are so many things going on in our crazy house that I simply don't know where to start!  One explanation point is probably not enough....

First, as of January, the mister will be retiring. He will not have a classroom to return to after the holidays!?!?!  But, it is ALL good.  He has finally started his company.  Yep.  The one that he has planned, organized, dreamed of, thought about, and hoped for since as long as I can remember. All About Charleston.  He will be giving tours in the city!!

The mister started driving a carriage for Old South in the summer and loved it.  He has already given a few personal and group tours and it just seems to keep getting better.  All About Charleston.  He has this huge personality that resonates with customers.  He has been in charge of shuttling large numbers of students around since his band directing/teaching career began.  He loves Charleston.  He adores history.  Do you see why this job is the perfect fit for him?? Notice I didn't mention that he loves to talk!

And....he is not the only one with interesting things on the horizon.  I am teaching my first workshop this Saturday just for kids.  Take a look....

I am SOO excited.  The thought of sharing food knowledge and smoothie recipes with kids is super exciting.  The workshop is going to be held at Away 2 Insights located at 111 Church Street.  If you have never checked out the shop, be sure to pop in and say hi to Hope and Terri.  They are both incredible women and I am so lucky to count them both as friends.  And, if you have a child who might be interested in learning about healthy eating and making some delicious smoothies, call the shop and reserve a spot. 

Away 2 Insights
113 Church Street
Charleston, SC

Last, I have to mention a spot that we discovered on our way to the farmer's market two week-ends ago.  Since the mister has (pretty much) given up meat, I have been trying to find interesting places for us to eat that still make eating out exciting.  I had read some reviews about  Dell'z Deli but hadn't stopped in.  I must say that if you drive down the street and blink, you will surely miss it!

I will also say that they have a fantastic selection of vegetarian and vegan sandwiches, wraps, salads, nachos, hummus....the list goes on.  Don't plan on eating at the restaurant.  It is pretty much take out only.  They do have a couple of bar stools to rest while you wait but you won't mind the wait once you taste your lunch.  We took our food to Marion Square and had a great picnic.

Dell'z Deli on Urbanspoon

Dell'z Deli is located right off of King Street at 1A Cannon Street.  But, like I said, don't blink or you will have to make a loop and come back....and, you won't mind a bit!  

I also have to share a photo of my three goofy guys.  They are all getting so old and so big but when they get together they still act like toddlers.  A HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO MY OLDEST!!!  Brandon (on the right) will be 22 years old tomorrow.  Oh, the memories.  Love you, kiddo!

I think that about catches you up.  I do have some more interesting things to share and maybe now that we are back to routine and school and life as we knew it, I will do a better job of posting regularly.  For those of you who continue to check in, you are the best.  Thanks for stopping by and if you need a tour of the city or a workshop on healthy eating, you know where to find us.

Hope you are planning a fabulous week-end and Happy Thursday from Charleston Treasures!

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