Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ibu on King Street

Surprise!  It's a pop-up shop!  On King Street.  Here today~gone tomorrow.

What is it?  Ibu has three objectives:  (straight from their facebook site)

  •  To provide sumptuous, luxury garments to the western woman which carry a story, a sense of purpose and meaning, and a strong, bold aesthetic
  • To reinvigorate the practice of hand-made cloth in cultures where it is disappearing
  • To support women's financial independence in developing countries

How can you go wrong by supporting Ibu?  Click on the link to explore Ibu.  The products are beautiful.  Rich.  Amazing.  Check them out:

Ibu is located at 275 King Street and you can stop in between 10am and 6 pm today.  Don't miss this incredible opportunity to see these handmade, beautiful fabrics and unique items.  And, Christmas is right around the corner.  You could get a jump on your shopping!  

Let me know if you stop by Ibu.  I hope you are enjoying hot coffee, fuzzy socks and warm pastries~it's cold out there folks.  Happy Saturday from Charleston Treasures!

1 comment:

  1. Lisa, I love the gorgeous items that Ibu had on display! I especially loved the beads and the "quilted" coats made from the recycled cloth from India.


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