Friday, January 31, 2014

My 31st Day of Gratitude? SUGAR

Yes, Sugar.  The shop.  Here.

Even though we discovered this place yesterday, it is still on my mind this morning.  Gratitude.  I love these tiny shops that are all throughout our city.  We ate lunch at Five Loaves and were contemplating a trip to Kaminsky's.  But, we would have to drive and park and.....

Suddenly, we were standing right outside of this place.  Of course, we had to snoop.  All homemade each morning.  Locally sourced ingredients as much as possible.  Organic flours.  I could feel my senses start to prickle.  And, I wanted to try one of EVERYTHING.  Look for yourself....

We ended up leaving with one hot cocoa, one double chocolate cookie, one ginger molasses cookie, a mini-lemon almond cupcake, and a blueberry lemon mini tart.  All of us felt the need to circle back around as we were leaving town.  Driving through freezing rain in Charleston makes noone happy campers.  Eating delicious cookies, tarts and cupcakes brought on the smiles :)

They are located at 59 Cannon Street.  It's an itsy bitsy shop but you won't miss it.  They even have this on the outside...

Kind of a dead give-away for what's inside, right?  They cater, do weddings, take special orders...And, here's the best part.  I think.  It's owned by two New York architects, turned bakers.  We adore stories of mid-life career changes, right now.  They propel us and inspire us!

If you are in the area and need a sweet treat, definitely stop by Sugar!!  Eat a mini blueberry-lemon tart for me.  I will thank you later!

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Happy Friday from Charleston Treasures!

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