Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Kitty Selfie and Bocci's

It's a cat-selfie!  Does this make you smile?  Sunday, the 47th day of this year, I was entirely grateful for Marmi-cat. We were doing laundry and unpacking and getting back in the swing of things and she didn't leave my side.  She is the most loyal pet we have ever had....even with her kitty issues.  We love her.

Monday, we had the chance to get away from it all for just a couple of hours.  Dinner out.  Alone.

We have walked by Bocci's so many times.  We've just never stopped.  Italian is something that I make a lot of at home so, it's not a usual for us when we go out.  But, they had a table and it sounded good.  It was good.


We started with an appetizer.  Seared diver scallops paired with a crispy-fried Parmesan polenta cake and fresh garden vegetables tossed in a citrus vinaigrette.  Pretty yummy.  I ordered Blue Carbonara.  A rich saute of onions, garlic, pancetta and spring peas with parppardelle pasta in a gorgonzola cream sauce and topped with a fried egg.  No calorie saver but it was totally delicious!

The mister ordered chicken parm over angel hair pasta.  

 Any meal that begins with warm Italian bread and olive oil is usually a hit with us!  We enjoyed our dinner and we were there a bit before the dinner crowd which was nice.  As we were finishing up, the tables were filling up.  We avoided the rush!

Our server was friendly and we enjoyed a little time alone, some time to feel normal again after our crazy, snow-bound week up north.  We will definitely return especially since it is right on one of our normal routes downtown~located on Church Street beside St. Phillip's Church.  Easy.  

Bocci's Italian on Urbanspoon

I wouldn't rank this as one of our top favorites in the city but it definitely fit the bill for a quiet hour away.  

Kids are returning to school today and we are getting back to work ourselves.  A busy few days are ahead but we are looking forward to getting back to life!  

Hope this post finds you looking forward to a fantastic Tuesday!  And, I keep saying this to my friends up north, but, stay warm and stay safe.  I know you got more snow and ice last night.  Spring is on the way.  I promise!

Have a great day! 

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  1. Love the kitty photo!!! Sweet face kitty for sure!!! Wow, those SCALLOPS LOOK DELICIOUS!


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