Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Charleston Love Yourself Meet-up

What an amazing few days it has been!  Yesterday was primo!  My friend, Terri, and I decided to create a Meet-up group.  Do you know about Meet-ups?  Like minded people joining others with a common goal.  If you visit the site and explore the local groups, you will find us there.  Charleston Love Yourself Meetup. 

It's so easy to take care of others and keep other things high on the priority list and then, suddenly, we realize that we haven't been taking good care of ourselves.  We don't always prioritize our own needs to keep us spiritually, mentally and physically healthy.  That is the basis for our group.

Those words make me smile because since we came up with the creation, self-love and self-care seem to be surrounding us.  The universe at work?  Anyway, yesterday, I was entirely grateful for our first successful Meet-up. 

I also want to share this video with you.  Brene Brown.  This is a TedxTalks and she is simply amazing and thought-provoking and I sat uninterrupted for 20 minutes last night watching and thinking.  Maybe it will make you think as well?


As for today, I am totally grateful for this surge of vitamins.  The best way to start my day...

Green juice made from apple, celery, cucumbers, and power greens!  Totally delicious.  The walnut flax-seed muffins that I made and topped with a bit of dark chocolate weren't too bad, either!

I am off to enjoy a long walk in this soon to be 80 degree day and then downtown for my latest adventure.  I can't share it with you until tomorrow but I promise there will be pictures and more pictures and probably some video!  Charleston Treasures will be cooking up a storm tonight!

Hope this day finds you full of gratitude and enjoying our beautiful weather.  I believe we might just make some weather records today (fingers crossed).  Happy Wednesday from Charleston Treasures!


  1. That green juice looks divine! It was lovely cooking near you last night! So fun to meet more Charleston bloggers.

  2. the juice looks amazing!!!! Do you also add coconut water?

  3. KatiePerk~It was fantastic meeting you as well! Hope we see each other again! BeachGypsy~Sometimes, I use coconut water. I also use almond milk, 100% apple juice or just filtered water from the tap. No matter what you use, green juice is amazing!!


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